Get Away

Alyssa saw the signs that she was in an abusive relationship, she just chose to ignore them. Now that she has run away with her abusive boyfriend Rey, she realizes that she needs to get away. But how will she do that when he's taken her miles away from home?

Now Alyssa is caught in the middle of a top-secret plan and some interesting people she never knew existed. Her life will never be normal again.
How will Alyssa survive in this new dangerous world she has stumbled into? And who is the stranger who continues to help her? And most importantly, why does he seem so familiar?

(This is my first story so please don't judge it too harshly. I put a lot of effort into this book.)


3. I left all that behind


 "We're here." I wasn't sure where we were exactly, but I didn't care as long as I was with Rey. He got out of the truck and slammed the door shut.   "Come on let's get inside."

 We were in front of a nasty motel room. Rey slid the room key in the lock pad and we entered.  I eyed the one bed suspiciously. What exactly was Rey expecting from me?  

 I suddenly missed my old room. My nice queen-sized bed that was all mine. My closet filled with all my clothing. My stuffed animals I never played with anymore but I still kept. All the books I owned and never got tired of reading over and over. I brought a couple of my favorite books with me, but books are heavy, so I left most of them behind. 

  I shook away the memory. That was my old life. I left all that behind. This is my life now. With Rey. I didn't know how long we would be on the run without a place of our own.   "Rey?" I asked quietly. I know how Rey gets angry when I ask too many questions.  He grunted, which I took as a "what?" I cleared my throat and spoke a bit louder. "Why didn't you just take me to your house? You live alone and all your stuff is there-" 

 "Where you think would be the first place they looked for you once they realized you ran away?" He said impatiently. "The plan was I take you away and finna place before anyone knew you were gone."  I was about to ask Rey what he was going to do with his house but I quickly decided not to. I had asked enough questions. And I was definently not going to remind him that in fact my mother knew I was gone. Rey had witnessed the phone call and was well aware of my mothers knowledge of the situation. 

 I twisted my face up. "I guess you're right." I admitted. Rey always insisted I admit my defeat. He won't tell me when I'm right and he's wrong, but of course that doesn't happen very often.

 "You can be so stupid." He spat while carrying the last of our bags in. I wasn't sure how long we were staying at this dingy motel, but I knew we must have been staying for a while since he carried in everything we brought with us. 

 I frowned. Yes I knew. He told me at least 5 times a day. "I'm sorry. I'm tired." That was my pathetic excuse. He gave me a sincere look and I just melted. 

 "You okay?" He asked. I nodded but collapsed on the bed. I was so stressed out, and on top of that, I really missed my home. Sure it wasn't perfect but at least I didn't have to sleep in a disgusting motel room where the bedspread looks 20 years old and a toilet that probably hasn't been cleaned since this place first opened. 

 Rey sat on the bed next to me and smoothed my jet black hair. I sat up and looked into his deep blue eyes and found comfort there. He leaned forward and pressed his lips softly against mine. My mind went blank and all I could think about was him. Oh how I was in love with him. His kisses got hungrier and he pushed me down on the bed. His hand brushed the exposed skin of my stomach and crawled up under my shirt. My eyes shot open and I pushed him off of me. 

 "Please Rey. I already told you before that I'm not ready for that." He gave me a pissed off look and grabbed my arm. 

 "We're alone now. There's nothin' stopping us. Let's do it." He sounded frustrated as he yanked my shirt up and over my head.

"Rey!" I shouted. "Stop!"

 I had done it. He snapped. He looked at me with a furious expression on his face that made me flinch. I closed my eyes and cringed as I heard a slap. My left cheek burned and tears stung my eyes. 

 Rey just gave me a disgusted look. "Why do I even stay with you? You don't give me what I want." 

 Ouch. That hurt. "I thought you loved me?" I choked out. My tears flowed freely but I was more angry than hurt. 

 His face softened and he shook his head. "Course I love you, babe." He said roughly. I bowed my head, knowing this was a losing argument. Rey was always right. 

 He began kissing me again. This time when he pushed his hand up my shirt, I let him. 

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