Dear Agony

I can't even anymore. Seeing them in the hallways, in our classes, at lunch, on Facebook and Instagram, and sometimes through my window when I'm lying around the house. It hurts like hell. I'm friends with them both but lately, it hurts more than usual. The moment I think I'm getting over them, I think of something or I see something, or some idiot says something, and it comes back full force.

(The title comes from the song Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin.)


6. Sleepover Are The Shit

Kaci's POV

When I get home, as usual, no one else is there. I run up to my room and before I hit the bed, the tears are streaming again. I grab my favorite pillow and hug it close. It was a birthday present from Alex, it has Nemo on it. I love Nemo, he's so cool. I remember the day I got it...

*Flashback two years ago*

My 11th birthday party. I smiled big as Haley and I took a few pictures with our friends. Haley excused herself to go talk to my mom and I saw one of my best friends, Alex. She looked really nervous, and she brought me a really big box. It was wrapped in Finding Nemo wrapping paper and a Nemo bowtie on top. I squeal in excitement and jump on Alex, hugging her tightly. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!! How did you know I loved Nemo?" She laughs loudly the says, "You've been my best friend forever Kace. How could I not know?" She gives me a rare Alex smile, the kind that could light up the whole word, and my heart skips a few beats. I felt it stop, I swear I did. I shake the thoughts away, I have Haley. I can't like Alex. Sure, she's bi. Sure, she's in love with Haley and I. But I couldn't do that to Haley. Could I? I'm snapped out of my thoughts as Alex snaps in my face, "Kace. Are you otay?" I laugh because she started saying otay after she met me and hasn't been able to stop since. I pat her on the cheek and smile, "I'm great Aly." I'm the only one allowed to call her Aly. She hits anybody else who tries, even Haley. "Alrighty then. I just came to drop off your present. Open it in your room, there's a note in there. Byeee, Kacikins." She walks away and I call bye after her and take the present up to my room. I stare at it for at least five minutes before deciding to open it after the party. I go back downstairs and have fun but all the while, I can't help but think, I wonder what the note says......

*End of flashback*

I'm smiling and the tears have finally stopped. Thinking back, I remember I never read the note and I feel a bit guilty now. I saved the box and wrapping paper so I dig through my closet and find them. I dig through the box, and pull the note out. When I read it, my smile grows impossibly wide. It's just like Alex to write something so fluffy,

To the bestest friend in the whole widest world,

I'm not even sure what to put in this note so I'll probably end up rambling. But, I know you understand so you'll be okay with it. We haven't talked in quite awhile but I know you're busy so I don't mind. At least you still say hi to me whenever we cross paths in school. Gosh, I really am a rambler, aren't I? Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I'm here if you ever need an impromptu sleepover or someone to pull an all-nighter on the phone with. Anytime, anywhere, no matter how far. Even if we're a thousand miles apart, I'll be there in a flash. I promise.

Love you Kacikins,


I sit on my bed and think about her note. After about five minutes, I decide I need a sleepover, so I call Aly. She answers on the first ring, "Kaci?" "Yeah, how'd you know?" "You're in my contacts, dummy." I laugh at myself, "I forgot, my bad. Hey, you wanna come over? I could use the company." I start thinking about early and sniffle. She hears and is immediately in over-protective best friend mode, "What happened? You know what, don't say anything. Give me fifteen minutes, I'm on the way." I sniffle and wipe at my eyes furiously, "Thanks Aly. Hurry would you, I don't want to be alone anymore." I hang up the phone and flop back onto my bed to wait. Before I know it, I'm drifting asleep. The last thing I hear before I fall into a light sleep is, Anytime, anywhere, no matter how far. Even if we're a thousand miles apart, I'll be there in a flash. I promise.

Alex's POV

After I get off the phone with Kaci, I immediately start packing my overnight bag. I don't even know what's happened but I automatically know it was Haley. She wouldn't call me if she could call Haley. I wonder what happened. Before I know it, I'm in my Mustang and driving over to Kaci's. After about ten minutes of driving I'm at Kaci's front door, banging on it like I'm the police until I hear her come pounding down the stairs. She opens the door and smiles. Her hair is everywhere and her eyes are red and puffy, she's been crying. I immediately pull her into a tight hug and she breaks down in my arms. I carry her bridal style upstairs and push open the door to her room. After I set her on the bed, I take a look around. Its been awhile, but it's still the same. Baby blue walls, king sized bed and huge dresser by the window. Nothing's changed except the pictures, there's mostly pictures of her and Haley. There's one with just Kaci and I though, and I smile when I remember where we were,

*Flashback five years ago*

"C'mon Kaci!!" I pulled her by the hand as we went to our favorite spot in the park, my parents following behind us. I sat down and pulled her with me, her head falling my lap. We sat like this for hours, just enjoying each other in silence until I had a curious thought, "Kaci?" She looked up at me, "Yeah, Aly?" "Are we gonna be best friends forever?" She looked shocked that I even had to ask, "Of course! You'll always be my best friend. I don't care if we live ten thousand miles apart, you will always be my best friend. You understand me?" I nodded happily and pulled her in for a big hug, my face buried in my arms that wrapped around her neck. She wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me tighter. I pulled back and said, "Love you Kaciboo." She laughed and said, "Love you too Alybear." After that my parents came and said we had to go. Kaci and I wanted to take a picture so we would always remember this day. We posed with my arm around her waist, standing beside her and her arm around my shoulder. Both of us sporting huge grins. My parents took the picture and then we went back to my house since she was staying the week. We agreed to always be bestfriends and to always be there for each other no matter what. 

*End of flashback*

I smiled, remembering us in 3rd grade. I hear Kaci shift behind me. I sit down on the bed beside her and ask, "What happened Kacikins? Was it Haley? I swear to god I'll kill her. What did she do? Oh my gosh! Did she hit you? That little bi-" Kaci cut me off by placing her hand over my mouth, "Alex, honey. Breathe. She didn't hit me, she..she.." I shush her and pull her into another hug, "It's okay. You don't have to talk about it." She shakes her head and wipes her eyes before looking at me, "I caught her and Jake kissing and they told me they had been sneaking around since six months after we got together."

Kaci's POV

"SHE DID WHAT??" Alex is pissed. I know I'd have to tell her what happened eventually and honestly, she's reacting better than I thought she would. I grab her face and make her look at me, "Aly calm down! It's okay. I broke up with Haley the minute I found out and I don't plan on ever speaking to her again. So just....calm down okay?" She takes a few deep breaths before placing her hands over mine on her cheeks, "Sorry, it's just....I never thought Haley would do this. She hurt you, she hurt my bestfriend. And she deserves to pay for it." I look at her and smile a little bit, "You always have been so protective." I swing my legs into her lap and lean my head on her shoulder and she wraps her arms around my waist securely.

I look up at her and ask, "Wanna watch a movie?" She smiles and nods. We spend 20 minutes just trying to pick out a movie and settle on Mean Girls, our favorite as kids. We spend the whole hour and a half or so talking along with the movie and when the Christmas Talent Show part comes on, we both get up and dance along with Cady, Regina, Gretchen and Karen while singing along to Jingle Bell Rock. When we finish, we laugh so hard we start crying then we watch a few more movies and then listened to some 1D. While we were singing along with She's Not Afraid, I glanced at her and saw her smiling wider than I'd seen her smile in a long, long time. After a four to five hour 1D music marathon, we realized it was almost 2 am and that we had school in the morning. We put on They Don't Know About Us, since she can't fall asleep without music playing, and we got in my bed. I turned on my side and she snuggled up behind me with her arm draped over my waist. She fell asleep after about 5 minutes and I fell asleep to the feel of her heart beating against my back.

The last thought I had was, I wonder how school is gonna be tomorrow....

That night, I dreamed of brown eyes and strong arms. All the while with Louis Tomlinson's solo replaying in the back of my mind, They don't know how special you are. They don't know what you've done to my heart. They can say anything they want, cause they don't know us......

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