On My Knees * On hold for 2 moths*

Brooklyn is a normal girl that is bullied by the school bad boys Justin , Ryan and chaz but one time they take it two far after Brooklyn babysitter goes out to by pizza and Justin forces her to go to a party. Things then start to get more interesting when the senior are given a 2 month break from school to have a vacation, the boys are about to leave when Brooklyn is asked to go with them to LA to have some fun. READ TO FIND OUT MORE !!


11. Thinking and Crying


I called tiffany and after eight beeps she finally answered

Phone convo*

Brooklyn – hey Tiffany.

Tiff- hey baby cousin, how are ya?

Brooklyn- l am good just need your help, come over in 10 mins k.

Tiff- sure I will make it 5 since your my best cousin.

Brooklyn- thank you bye love ya .

End of convo*

Tiffany is my best cousin apart from Roxanne, Sapphire ,  Mercedes and Paris they just think their top shit just cause their parents are like filthy rich from my mother side , l mean tiff and l are like the same average of not peasants but like people near the top  but we don’t brag about it.

………… 10 mins later..

Tiff came over and l told her why l need her help and how’s my weeks been going to so far. she said she is going to kill Justin and his friends but I told her she can try but l either l am have to deal with them in LA some point . We left after our talk and headed to the Mall.

At the mall ……

“You so got to get and skater skirt with a bra let outfit” tiff said “OMG!!  LA-LICOUS !!!” l screamed out getting looks from the people in the shop “ go try it on , oh and don’t forget these and the-“ she paused pulling out the worst outfit in the shop “ NAAAA” we said at the same time than laughing out butts off “ that outfit could ruin a baby’s eyesight” l said while laughing “ tell me about it “ tiff said while wiping her tears “ now go try on these while l go find more clothes” she says while pulling out 10 pieces of clothes  “ sure thing Tiff , but don’t choose two much remember we still have other shops and it only 4: 30 ,so plenty of time before home time “ l say walking into the change room.

We finished shopping at 10 and l was really tired, we bought so many clothes from different shops and had to take 2 trips in and out of the shop to put our clothes away …. Of cause tiffany didn’t need any but you she couldn’t resist.  We headed home and she help me bring the bags of clothes , accessories , makeup, shoes, bathers and heaps more in and then of course she said good bye after all I won’t be seeing her again “ bye dog “  she said patting my head “ yeah bye , l am going to miss you so much” l said as my eyes fill up with tears and then hug her “ Me to but l got to tell you something , l got accepted a modelling job in Paris for 2 years” she said hugging me back “ omg now I am going to miss you thrice as much “ l said finally releasing my tears and letting them flow like Niagara falls.

When she left l packed all my new clothes and some of the old clothes that looked a bit stylish also with my makeup, shoes, and toiletries , then l changed into my pjs ‘ Good bye home , Hello LA’  I said before going to sleep.

Justin POV*

I got home right before it rain’s “ mum l have a two month break from school and l am going to LA with the boys” l said taking off my shoes and shirt to be left shirtless “ yeah l already know Ryan’s mum , Chaz’s mum and l made the plan and l guess he told you” she said walking towards me in the lounge room “ yeah he did but l do-“ got cut off “ And Brooklyn coming with you guys , so what you going to say” she said very happily cause she liked Brooklyn a lot as a daughter “ umm nothing , when we going since you and the mothers organised it “ l said walking up the stairs “ tomorrow morning and you have to pick up Brooklyn okai” she said the last bit raising her eyebrows “ okay , l am going to pack see ya” l said walking into my room and slamming the door l just like doing that .

…..Deep thinking….

‘ l cant believe Brooklyn coming , how is she going to act ? after what we did , how is the boys going to act? How am l going to act? Omg l can’t think straight , l am going to apologize before we reach the airport and then get the boys to do the same , l mean they better !! , LA is going to be good or bad but OMG l can’t believe she is coming l can’t wait to see her it been ever since l saw her and l am really sorry l think l have feeling for her ? , l don’t really know why l hated her ? wait now l know she use to bully me when l was young and now l guess was payback but omg l need to sleep ‘

After thinking deeply l went packed and then went to bed ‘ good by home , hello LA’

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