On My Knees * On hold for 2 moths*

Brooklyn is a normal girl that is bullied by the school bad boys Justin , Ryan and chaz but one time they take it two far after Brooklyn babysitter goes out to by pizza and Justin forces her to go to a party. Things then start to get more interesting when the senior are given a 2 month break from school to have a vacation, the boys are about to leave when Brooklyn is asked to go with them to LA to have some fun. READ TO FIND OUT MORE !!


7. ShareTube (RATED 16+)


Justin POV*

I pull her in and lock the door, so she couldn’t get out. The best thing about Maxine’s house it that the doors are soundproof, so no one would be able to listen to her scream apart from the windows.

I push her onto the bed and get on top of her, l lean in and kiss her , l move my tongue across her bottom lips asking for entrance , of course she gave in and that when l deepen the kiss and soon it turns into a make out session . she moves away “ Justin stop !” she say trying to get away “No way baby let finish what we started “ l pull her back down and rip her dress so she’s in her underwear and bra “ Justin stop !! l want to go home, my mum and dad are home and will be wondering where l am !” she says screaming and trying to push me off , “ no way , enjoy the ride before it ends “ l say whispering in her ear , then l nibble it and move down her body l reach her chest area and remove her bra off , l start rubbing it and while continuing my journey down . l pull off her underwear and then finger her, l heard her moan  then say “ Justin please stop it “ she says trying to hold in her moans . l just ignore her and then continue , l finger her and lick her at the same time she moans , then “ Well hello their Brooklyn , having fun tonight “ Ryan says , while getting duct tape out of his pocket and before she can say anything her mouth was covered in duct tape and now we could begin the games.


Chaz pulls out some more needles so he can inject Brooklyn with. Then pulls out his video camera and turn it on .By now Brooklyn is al high and acting high again so we remove the duct tape …. She starts to remove off my pants and give me oral sex I surly did enjoy it and then does the same to all boys. She doesn’t know were taking this video to post online but she doesn’t need to, she give me a ride then the boys then start to foreplay by herself which makes us all cum on her . Of course l and the boys know what is going on cause we didn’t get as high as her...So we enjoyed ourselves very much tonight. Brooklyn got clean and putted her clothes back on and we went back home to Brooklyn house. In the car ride l couldn’t help but think that when l kissed her before l felt spark and every time l saw her smile l felt really happy.

Brooklyn POV*

At the beginning l thought l was getting raped because l wasn’t that high anymore but then chaz injected me with this thing l didn’t know what it was,but then afterward l remembered me having sex with all three guys but I wasn’t myself so know  one can blame me right??

……..At home………

We got home and luckily my parent weren’t their yet because l was still high but Pattie was so I tried to act normal … l said goodbye to her and the boys(wired) and then went to have a sleep since l have school the next day … until l got a call from my best friend Dakota

Phone convo*

D= Dakota and B= Brooklyn

D= hey , are you on the internet , if so go on shareTube and search up Brooklyn Davis Gone Wild now !!

B= okay, I will get on right now , and why is it my name ?

D= Because in the video you are wild , cause you are having sex with Justin, Ryan and Chaz !!! , and people are writing really bad stuff about you online Brook !!

B= omg …. It on the internet... Who put it their….. omg !!! what am l going to do ?

*watching it *

B= Dakota l am going to move school and state… because people from school seen this and l don’t want them to be laughing at me.

D= come over and your not moving overseas... We will just have a makeover.

B= be there in 10 mins.

End of convo*

By this time the drug have worn off and l am now in my room crying but l have to go to Dakota’s house .. so she doesn’t get worried about me . And what she mean a makeover.


And their you enough for today probably upload tomorrow .  

What did Dakota mean by MAKEOVER?

What will her parent say when they find out?

Where are Brooklyn parents ?

You don’t know what gonna happen next but l do ;)


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