Don't Get Caught (Harry Styles Love Story)

Zara and Harry are boyfriend and girlfriend. They are always killers. Killing the evil people that are hidden. Zara and Harry keep a book. But what happens when they have to act normal in a new school. Meaning A making friends and B starting school. Can they keep the life they have a secret? Read more and find out.

Some scenes may be full on with fighting, sex and torture. Not suitable for kids under 15


3. Welcome To Seattle

August 4th 2013 Sunday 10:30am


Harry's POV


I arrived in Seattle. Zara was asleep against the car window. I couldn't help but smile. I moved my head and slowly touched her head. When she woke up.

"What?" She asked all groggy. Rubbing her eyes like a little kid.

I smiled at how cute she was. "We are here in Seattle. I booked us a hotel room. Come on. This is where Jason is staying" I said.

Zara nodded and got out of the car smiling a little. I couldn't believe what it looked like either. I held her hand. In my other hand was a suitcase full of weapons. Handcuffs. Passports. Wigs. Sunglasses. Fake identity and job cards. Once we got to our hotel room we worked out what we where going to do. 

"Okay so what we torture him or just kill him?" I asked looking at Zara who was deep in thought. I could tell because she always plays with her fingers. I tucked the hair behind her ear. "Earth to Zara" I said.

Zara looked at me. "I was thinking. I pose as room service. You as a blind guy (Not making fun of blind guys here) and if I slip poison into his drink. No one will know."

I pecked Zara on the lips. "Sounds good. Lets get to work" I said and stood up cracking my back. Zara followed. Only standing up. Not the back cracking thing. We walked into our room with the suitcase and had a look of what we need. 

Zara grabbed a name badge. 'Bailey.' Name suits her. She than grabbed a white outfit out. Followed by a blue apron and a blonde wig. I smiled.

"Your going to look hot" I said.

Zara chuckled. I grabbed black titled glasses and a white cane. 

"Do I look good?" I asked.

"Yeah Harry you look amazing" Zara said smirking.


Zara's POV


It was now 7pm. Dinner time for the people in this hotel room. Harry was sitting on the floor. Head down. Plan was to trip over at Harry yell and scream at him. He hits me and hopefully Jason lets me into his room. Well Harry won't really hit me. Acting. I walked with a bowl of hot soup. That's when it started.

I tripped over at Harry. "You fuckin idiot you don't sit in the middle of a fuckin walk way" I yelled and screamed at the boy.

"I'm sorry ma'am I didn't see you coming" Harry said.

"Oh right I'm supposed to believe you are blind" I yelled.

We heard doors open and close again. That's when Harry fake struck. I fell to the ground crying in pain. Jason walked out. Yes.

"Oh my god. Are you okay? What happened?" He asked.

I pointed to Harry. "He hit me" I said.

Jason than hit Harry in the nose. He groaned in pain. Ooh shit. Jason and I walked into his apartment. Man it was huge. He must have the pent house.

"Thank you so much. Some men ey" I said.

Jason nodded. He read my tag. "Bailey hey. It suits you. Blonde hair" Jason said.

I smiled. "Thank you. You have a lovely hotel room. Mr...?" I said.

"Smith. Jason Smith" He said holding his hand out.

"Bailey Summers" I said and shook his hand.

Jason smiled. "Would you like a drink Bailey?" He asked.

"Loved one. Do you want me to do that?" I asked.

"No no sweetie you are the guest" He said and poured me a drink.


Jason's POV


Something was fishy very fishy. No one trips randomly over another person. And I didn't order any food. She must be a spy or something. I have an idea.

"Would you like drink Bailey?" I asked.

"Love one. Do you want me to do that?" Bailey asked.

"No no sweetie you are the guest" I said pouring her a drink and slipping some sleeping drugs in there. I handed the drink to her. "Here you go sweetie" I said and handed her the drink I poured. She grabbed it and smiled.

"Thank you" She said.

"I'm going to the bathroom. So please make yourself at home" I said placing my glass down and walked into the bathroom. I really needed to wee.


Zara's POV

I switched drinks. I knew he put a drug in there. I than tipped his up with a poison. I heard the toilet flush. I put the drink back down and saw Jason walk out.

"So Jason what do you do for a living?" I asked.

"I'm a hunter. Animal hunter. Got a 480 rifle" He said as he took  a sit of his drink smiling at me.

We talked for a while. How can he not be dead? Jason got closer to me. "Your so beautiful Bailey" He said. I dropped the glass and fell.



Jason's POV


Bailey fell. I smiled and caught her. I took the wig off. "Brown hair. I like brown girls. Pitty you won't be around much longer" I whispered. Than I felt a sharp pain rip through my stomach. "Bailey" I chocked.

I landed on the ground and looked up to see Bailey pulling out a gun.

"You really thing I would be so stupid into drinking one of your drinks?" She asked and pointed the gun at me head. "You murdered your whole family. Raped teenage girls. Shop lifted and for what nothing" She said and kneeled down.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Your worst and last nightmare" She said. I brought out my gun. We both fired and I fell into darkness.


Zara's POV


I gripped my shoulder and groaned in pain. "Shit" I said and left the room. I got to mine and Harry's. Harry looked at me wide eyed.

"Zara what happened?" He asked running to me.

"Fuck! Jason. Killed him. We both fired" I said.

Harry took me into the bathroom. He didn't even look hurt.

"Sorry didn't know Jason would punch you" I said.

Harry chuckled. "It hurt a little but was fine after about 10 minutes."

He cleaned up the wound. I smiled.

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