Don't Get Caught (Harry Styles Love Story)

Zara and Harry are boyfriend and girlfriend. They are always killers. Killing the evil people that are hidden. Zara and Harry keep a book. But what happens when they have to act normal in a new school. Meaning A making friends and B starting school. Can they keep the life they have a secret? Read more and find out.

Some scenes may be full on with fighting, sex and torture. Not suitable for kids under 15


4. Welcome To Rosewood High School

6th August 2013 Tuesday   
Zara's POV   Harry and I got back to Rosewood and now we where getting ready for the school we have to attend my dad planned it for us. Once we arrived at the school. We stepped out and people looked at us. "I hate schools" Harry said.
  "We both do because we where home schooled" I said and walked into the front.  Harry following. 
  "How may I help you?" A girl asked behind the counter.
  "Umm we are then new students Zara and Harry.  We need our timetables" I said. Harry rubbed my back.  I smiled. 
  "Ah yes they are printing off for you" the girl said.
  Harry and I nodded. When she handed us our timetables.  We thanked her and walked out. Harry and I sat down at a free table and chairs. Thats when 4 boys walked in.
  "Excuse me losers but we sit here" A boy aaid with black hair. He smelt like smoke. We didnt answer. One went to push me. I stood up and twisted his arm pushing him onto the table.
  "Don't you dare" I snapped.
  "Z calm down" Harry said.
  I let him go. Harry grabbed my hand and sat me on his lap. I smiled.
  "Look we wont bother you. We just need to know our lessons" Harry said.
  They sighed and sat down. I saw a girl kiss a guy on the lips.
  "Zara baby" Harry said moving my hair to the side.
  I looked at Harry.  "Yeah" I said. 
  "You okay?" He asked.
  "Yeah Harry I'm fine" I said.
  Harry nodded and kissed my neck. He grabbed his laptop our and we searched. I pointed. He shook his head.
  "Nah" He said.
  I nodded and we searched for more people like Jason.  The group looked at us.

"Hi sorry I'm Liam these are my friends Louis, Zayn, Niall and Niall's girlfriend Olivia" Liam said.

"Nice to meet you I'm Harry and this is my girlfriend Zara. We just came from London" Harry said rubbing my back.

Liam nodded and smiled. We where all talking and smiling. They are really nice lads and it turns out we have lessons with them. This could be easy. Hopefully.
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