Don't Get Caught (Harry Styles Love Story)

Zara and Harry are boyfriend and girlfriend. They are always killers. Killing the evil people that are hidden. Zara and Harry keep a book. But what happens when they have to act normal in a new school. Meaning A making friends and B starting school. Can they keep the life they have a secret? Read more and find out.

Some scenes may be full on with fighting, sex and torture. Not suitable for kids under 15


1. Prologue Our History

2004 June 9th Wednesday Night. 7:30 pm


Zara's mothers POV


Mark and I where watching out little daughter sleep. She looked so cute when she slept. Her long brown curly hair, blue eyes and pale skin made there day. Seeing their daughter smile when she did something right. Zara was only 7 1/2 years young. So she was just starting to talk a little better.

"Oh Mark I wish we could have another one" I said staring into my husbands eyes.

Mark and I had Zara when I was 16. The doctor told me I could never have kids again because something went wrong. They wouldn't let us know. But I am happy just with Zara. She is our world and nothing can or will change that. That's when we heard a window smash. Mark and I where so confused. We kissed Zara's forehead and left her room going to ours. Where we grabbed the guns we had stashed away.

We work under the law. The law does not know about us.  We keep it that way to keep our daughter safe. From any harm. Mark and I walked down the stairs with our guns loaded. Looking it. That's when we saw robbers. Zara screamed.

"Zara" I yelled and went to get her. When a guy pushed me against the wall. I got mad but gasped as I heard a bang. The guy walked off and I held my stomach. Falling to the ground. Mark ran to me. Zara ran down the stairs un harmed.

"Mummy" She cried and ran to me. 

The robbers had already gone. "Rachel stay with me you hear" Mark said.

"Daddy what happened. Mummy's going to be alright?" Zara asked tears falling down her face. Mark nodded.

"Yes baby girl. Mummy is. Aren't you mummy" Mark said looking at me. I stroked his cheek and smiled.

"Look after our daughter" I whispered screaming out in pain.

Zara was crying. She hugged her mummy. "Are you going to a better place?" She asked crying.

"Yes sweetheart" I whispered rubbing my daughters back.

"You promise to look over me and daddy?" Zara asked. I nodded. Mark grabbed Zara and held her and I took my last breath. Saying the words 'I Love You More Than The World Can Know.' 



Harry's fathers POV


We where watching our little boy sleep. He was so cute. His chocolate curly brown hair. Emerald Green eyes and dimples now going to rest. He was such as handsome 8 year old. Always being cheeky. Wearing nothing as he ran down the house. Singing to us. Anne kissed Harry's forehead and smiled. We only had two children but Gemma passed away a few years ago after snake bite. Harry was devastated. I stroked my sons cheek and kissed him goodnight when we heard a bang.


Lucky Harry can sleep though everything. We quietly snuck out of his room and got to ours grabbing our guns and walked down the stairs and into the lounge where we saw guys in masks looking around. What the hell? We hid before they could see us. One made his way up the stairs. Oh no Harry. Anne looked at me. I nodded. We slowly made our way up the stairs. A man in the mask was in front of Harry's bed looking at him.


"Oi" Anne said and the man turned around. Anne fired the gun waking Harry up. Oh no. Harry cried. Anne gave me the gun and ran to our son calming him down. I watched to see if anymore of those Mask men where coming. My phone went off. I answered it.


"Hello" I said.

"Desmond have they been yet?" Mark asked crying. I also heard a little girl cry

"Yeah they are here. One went into Harry's room. Why are you crying?" I asked.

"They killed Rachael. I'm on my way to yours. We need a place to stay" Mark said.

"Come around I think they have gone" I said.

"Daddy where are we going. I don't want to leave mummy" Zara cried at her father.

"Sweetie I'm sorry. Mummy's in a better place like you said. I bet you she's watching over us right now. We are going to a friends for a while okay" Mark said to his daughter. "Sorry Desmond. Let Anne know we are coming down. Protect them" Mark continued.

"No need to apologize man. I'll let her know. See you soon bye" I said and hung up


Anne looked at me. She walked up with Harry in her arms. "What? What's wrong?" She asked trying to get Harry to sleep.

"Mark is coming down. With Zara" I whispered.

"What about Rachel?" Anne asked.

Rachael and Anne are the best of friends. Have been since they where little. I shook my head. 

"I'm sorry those people who where here before. Killed her" I said. Anne cried. I hugged her tightly. We heard a knock at the door. We pulled apart and made our way to the door. I opened it. There stood Mark. Zara was asleep in his shoulder. Harry's eyes widened as he saw Zara. He has a crush on her.

"Z" Harry squealed. Zara woke up and saw Harry. Mark set her down. Zara and Harry hugged.


Mark's POV

Anne, Desmond and I sat in the lounge. Lights on everywhere around the house. I told them everything what happened. It seems it happened to them too.

"Do you think someone is trying to get back at us?" I asked drinking my tea.

Anne shrugged. "Possibly. I mean why go through all this and kill us at night. I mean if I didn't stop him. He would have killed Harry."

My eyes widened. "Zara come here for a second. Zara" I said. Harry and Zara ran down the stairs. She looked at me.

"Yes daddy" She said.

I picked her up and checked for any marks.

"Mark did they go after her too?" Anne asked.

"We heard her scream" I said checking Zara over. I ran over something.

"Ow daddy don't" Zara said. 

I took her top off and checked the bruise laying her down. They hit her. They hit my daughter. 

"Zara did those baddies hurt you?" I asked.

Zara nodded. "They hurts me and killed mummy didn't they?" Zara asked.

I nodded and hugged her. "Yes baby I'm sorry" I said holding Zara close.




No one's POV


That was the day Harry and Zara learnt about what they must do to protect the world



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