Don't Get Caught (Harry Styles Love Story)

Zara and Harry are boyfriend and girlfriend. They are always killers. Killing the evil people that are hidden. Zara and Harry keep a book. But what happens when they have to act normal in a new school. Meaning A making friends and B starting school. Can they keep the life they have a secret? Read more and find out.

Some scenes may be full on with fighting, sex and torture. Not suitable for kids under 15


2. New Country, Town And Neighbors

August 3rd 2013 Saturday 9:30 am


Zara's POV


Harry and I had just arrived in a new Country. Which was America. There was a lot of Crimes unsolved here. Harry and I arrived at our house 9:10 this morning we where still moving things in. Which was kind of easy and hard. Once everything was in the house. We started to search up the unsolved crimes here. My dad gave Harry and I access to every police station in American. My dad is the coolest. So are Harry's parents. I was eating a rice cracker as Harry searched up some people.


"Stop" I said and pointed. I read his file.


Name: Jason Daniel Smith

Age: 39

Crime: Killing his wife and children. Kidnapping. Rape and shoplifting.

Status: Jason Smith has never been found. Police have marked the case as unsolvable.


Harry looked at me and smiled. We searched him up.


Jason Daniel Smith

Address: 469 Holden Road Seattle 

Phone: 213 687 0


Harry wrote the address down and shut the computer down. "Looks like we are going to Seattle" He said. I smiled and grabbed Harry's top and pulling his down crashing my lips onto his. Harry smiled and ran his hand down my leg. "I think Seattle can wait a while don't you" Harry said and kissed harder.

I smiled. Harry ran his fingers through my top and unclipped my bar. Taking my top off slowly and chucking it to the floor. Harry rolled over and now he was on top. Which meant he had control of my body. But I liked it. Harry always pleasured me. Harry slowly began to kiss my neck. Making his way down my body until he reached my breasts. Harry loved to play with them. He slowly began to suck on them. Making them go hard.

"Oh baby I can feel you wanting me" He whispered. I moaned as his hand made his way down into my jeans. "Ooh what's here?" He asked as he slipped his fingers inside me. "Oh baby" He said and slowly unzipped my jeans pulling them down along with my knickers. With his free hand. Harry slowly pulled his fingers out from inside me placing them in his hands.

"You still taste amazing baby" He said undressing himself. Harry always used protection. It was one of the key factors I had picked out ever since we starting having sex.

Once Harry was set. He stretched on top of me. Both of his strong arms beside my head. He left a big kiss on my forehead as he inserted his penis into me. I forgot he was this big. I moaned as my body adjusted to his size.

"Fuck!" Was all I could say.

Harry looked down as me and smiled thrusting a little. My head titled backwards each time he would thrust. He began to thrust harder. I moaned and groaned each time he did. "I want to hear you scream my name" Harry said.

I knew Harry wouldn't cum unless I shouted his name. "HARRY" I screamed with pleasure. He smiled and exploded into my. "Oh my god Harry" I said as he slowly exited my body. Sweat pouring down his face. He fell next to me and smiled. 

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