Far Away [ Harry Styles]

Sloane Byrnes is your ordinary girl. Because of her haunting past; she has low hopes for her future ,and believes she will never up to anyone great in life. That is- until one day fate brings her together to meet Harry Styles and her life becomes completely flipped upside down.
A story about insane people, dreams, tragedy and love. A tale filled with vicious plot twist, romance and mystery.
Find out how Harry changes Sloane's life and how she change his.


2. When I Met You


Wear something cute! – Angelina A. ‘

I slid my iPhone back into my back pocket, just wanting to see Angelina’s face when we met the two creepers at the family restaurant.  How was I able to afford an iPhone?
Angie actually pays for it, she insisted she needed to have a good way to contact me when she was away on a ‘trip.’ She was been going on ‘trips’ often and even if I denied the offering of the phone she simply said.
 “I’m old and all my children are grown up. Who am I going to spend my money on?” So that’s how I ended up with a fancy phone, and I cherish it with my life.
I kicked a nearby pebble until Angelina showed up her heels were clicking as she rapidly approached me, and so we made way to the tube.

“I told you to wear something cute!” she screeched. Good ol’ bossy Angelina like always. “Why? What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?”
I was wearing a pair of dark jeans, flats, a normal white blouse and a thin navy blue sweater with a pattern of tiny little spread out hearts on it. I had my eyelashes curled a light pink lipstick and my brown hair was brushed straight.
Angelina rolled her heavily make up eyes. “Nothing.”
She held on to my hand and used me for balance. She was wearing a pair of massive black high heels, and a little black dress most of the top was covered in a translucent silk. Honestly she looked stunning, her hair was adorned in thick curls and her face perfectly accentuated with makeup, I just felt she was a little too over dressed for the occasion, specially since we were going to a family restaurant.

We walked into the Tuscan styled restaurant and Angelina approached the middle-aged hostess still clinging to my arm tightly.

Louis Tomlinson?”

She savored every bit of the name and said it with much gusto.
I can’t remember which one was Louis all of One Direction’s names and faces appeared blurry in my memory.
The waitress checked a list and looked at us.

“Yes, right this way.”

This has got to be the biggest freagin’ joke ever. The corner of my lip twinge in humor the hostess lead us a secluded corner of the restaurant and believe it or not. There he was. Louis Tomlinson himself, and another one of his band mates.
I actually stood frozen for a moment; Angelina squeezed my arm so hard I thought she was going to cut my pulse. No way. It was actually them.

Louis Tomlinson stood up from the table he was sitting in and introduced himself to Angelina, giving her a warm hug and complimenting her. He smiled brightly at me and hugged me as well. I gave him a small pat and told him my name. I had to admit it. Louis was charming boy; with his charismatic blue eyes and his bright smile, he was any girls dream.

“Oh, sorry. Let me introduce you two. Slow-Anne was it?”
“Sloane.” I corrected him.
“Sloane, this is Harry. Harry, Angelina’s lovely friend Sloane.” He winked at his friend and spun around to pull the chair for his date.  I fixed my eyes on Harry who briefly looked over to me. Scanning, judging me with his beautiful emerald eyes. I had to admit it he was absolutely beautiful. He had beautiful curly tousled brown hair, piercing emerald green eyes, and gorgeous shaped lips.

“Oh, hey.” He said in a bored tone.
He didn’t even bother to stand up and greet me; he kept still and return to typing whatever he was doing on his smart mobile. I sat down next to Harry feeling uneasy.

How rude…

I had only been on very few dates, and my last and only ex-boyfriend- well he wasn’t that great….

I begun by nibbling on some bread and olive oil that had been placed on the table. Louis and Angelina seemed to be kicking it off marvelously. Well I guess her wish came true. I waited for Harry to say something-anything! But he didn’t…
He didn’t eve acknowledge I was there. So I decided to strike up a conversation.
“So, d-do you know what you’re going to order?” I mumbled shyly.
“What?” Harry flickered his eyes over to me for a second. He did not seem amused at all, let alone interested in at least being friends. He could have at least pretended for Pete’s sake!

“What are you ordering?” I tried speaking a little louder.

He took a brief glance at the menu, “I guess I’ll have the lasagna.”

and you?
 It’s delicious you should try it!
 I’m sorry for being such a jerk!

He could’ve said a million things to kick off a conversation, but the ill-mannered brat choose to keep to himself. Over the course of the dinner I attempted to converse with him.

“You know, you’re very talented. I enjoy your music very much.”

“It’s really sad being allergic to pecans, I can’t eat a lot of desserts.”
“That’s a shame.”


“Have you read any interesting books lately?”


I officially felt insulted. We were already at the desert, and it almost seemed like Louis and Angelina were eating each other instead of the chocolate tiramisu they had ordered. I wasn’t hungry anymore; I was actually upset. I attempted to distract myself by going on twitter let’s see what’s on this guy’s mind…

‘@Harry_Styles: Wish I were elsewhere…  ‘

I slowly lowered my phone and shot Harry a death glare and I hope he felt it. He seemed to because he raised his head and urged the waiter for the check still not even acknowledging my presence.

“What’s the rush pumpkin’, night is still young!” Louis chuckled as he took his lips off Angelina’s for a second. “I’m going home, Louis.”
Harry slapped some money on the check and stormed away not even taking a glance back at me. “Hey! At least take Slow-Anne home!”
I didn’t even bothered correcting Louis this time, even he was paying more attention to me than Harry was!

I was very, very upset; this was probably the worst date I had ever been in.
Harry stopped and actually turned to look at me. “You coming?”
I stood up and paced my steps so I wouldn’t walk to fast or to slow- or even trip that would be embarrassing.
“Only if you want me to.” I spoke meekly absent-mindedly wiping my hands on my pants.
“Does it look like I have a choice?” he said smugly, his eyes boring into mine.
And that’s when I realized he was about half a head taller than me. I was always seen as a tall girl, and working at a pastry shop well- I wasn’t skinny I was a size 10 in jeans…

My jaw dropped a bit and he turned away before I could retort anything. I clenched my fist t my sides and followed him outside. He climbed into a black Range Rover, and didn’t even bother to open the car door for me. During the drive home he said nothing, and neither did I. I just held my arms crossed and starred out the window attempting not to scowl or scream my head off. I gave him the address to my small flat and as I was getting off I turned back. “Thank you for-“
He was off before I finished. The tires of his dark car screeching as he speed off.


That night I went to sleep angry and I woke up even angrier.



And just to make my day even better I had to listen to Angelina blab about her date with Louis Tomlinson to everyone at the bakery. She was even on the phone about seven times today. It was about the twelfth time I had heard the story already and it wasn’t even 4 p.m. Kill me.

The story begun on how he was such a gentleman that it was almost magical when they met, that he begun flirting and kissed her, and then took her to a club they had a blast, and then he took her home and even stayed the night. That it was the best night of her life. Some people asked me how my night with Harry Styles had been; I would shrug and say it was ok. When the truth was that it was, Not Okay.

It was horrible, the worst date I had ever been too. (Even if I hadn’t been to many.)

“Hey Sloane guess what?” chirped Angelina. It had been a week since ‘the date’, and
in the 3 years I had of knowing her I don’t think I had ever seen her this happy.
“What?” I almost growled. You could say that I had taken this great dislike to Harry Styles to the next level; I can hold grudges for a very long time…

“Louis wants to go on a second date today again. Do you want to come? Harry will be there~” she said in a sing-song voice.

Harry. Even the name was enough to get me in a bad mood. I begun beating the fondant I was making even harder.

“Harry, didn’t seem very interested in me last time. I don’t think I’m up for it. Why don’t you take another one of your friends- I mean, I’m sure they would be thrilled.” I rolled my eyes in an exaggerated manner and continued working with the fondant cutting out flower petals.
“Awe, don’t say that- he was just probably tired. We all have those days…” She trailed off and I begun walking away from her, decorating a large wedding cake with elegant fondant made orchids. “And, Actually Louis asked me to invite you- he said he had a good feeling about you and Harry!”

Harry and I, what a cruel joke. Maybe I was wrong; maybe Louis Tomlinson is even a bigger jerk than Harry Styles.

“Please?” Angelina put her hands together.  “No.” I said flatly.
“Please?” she asked again and my answer remained the same.
“Please?” I only glared this time.
“Please? Louis really wanted you to go, he insisted!”
“Why the bloody hell does he want me there, when he has you to snog?” I snapped attempting to get away from Angelina. “He feels awful about Harry’s behavior and wants to make it up to you.”

Maybe I was wrong, maybe Louis is indeed a nice guy.

“He shouldn’t feel awful. Harry should.”
Angelina groaned in exasperation. “Please? I’m asking you- as a friend.”

A friend…

I didn’t have any friends, it was hard to me to have friends. Not because I was rude. I guess it was just my hectic schedule, and that I just hadn’t been able to connect with anyone  maybe it was because I boring.

“fine.” I sighed. Angelina cheered and hugged me tightly. Grinning as she explained tonight’s plans. And as she explained that we should get there together in my head I devised an evil plan in my head. I would make Harry Styles go through the worst date in his life.


This time I literally dragged Angelina into the club we would be meeting this time. It was around quarter for 8 and I rushed in. My eyes scanned the tables we would first be dinning in and I found no sign of Harry, Louis did catch our eye and wave us over.
This time he greeted Angelina with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, he again showered her with compliments (even if she was overdressed with a short blue dress and heels) and turned to me. “Sloane.” He embraced me tightly.
“You look nice, I really like your skirt.” He complimented me. “Thank you.” I said actually touched Louis was so nice. I was wearing a medium length flowing cream skirt that had a pattern of thin blue lines on it. A thin red belt at the waist and a sleeveless light blue button up blouse. Did I dress up for the pompous jerk?
Never. Of course not. I could’ve come in my pajamas for all that I cared.


“I’m awfully sorry about Harry’s behavior last week- he was having a bad day… Now should we wait for him?
“Don’t worry, that is quiet alright.” I said in a cynically.


As we waited Louis called Harry about four times, Angelina shot me apologetic looks, and my spirit of revenge slowly faded and now I only felt really upset and just plain awful about myself. Harry hadn’t even bothered to show up if I could describe what I felt like right now I guess that would be a rotten, chewed up, dirty tuna fish which had been resting in the heating sun for hours… absolutely horrible.

What was it about me that was so horrible? So ugly that he couldn’t even bear the thought of me? Was I really that horrible of a human being?

The bastard had stood me up. “I-I guess it must’ve slipped his mind…” Louis tried.
“I think I best get going home.”
“Do you want us to drop you off?” he offered. And my heart warmed for the boy, Angelina sure was lucky to have kicked it off with him instead of H.
I thanked both of them for offering (even if it was obvious that Angelina did not want to spend her night comforting me) and took the tube back home. It was around 9 when I got a call from Angie who wanted me to take the last hour of his night swift and close up the bakery for her since she said she was tired and Angelina wasn’t answering her phone. I of course said yes and rushed to close up in order to give poor ol’ Angie a break. I attended several consumers, got some dough ready for tomorrow and cleaned the shop up a bit.
It was around 11:15 when the last baker left and bid me goodnight the last thing I heard was the bell of when someone opens the door. I was going over some receipts and orders I had to have ready tomorrow when the doorbell chimed again.

“Sorry, we are closed. Feel free to come by early tomorrow.” I said mindlessly.
“A red velvet cupcake please.” A male voice spoke.
“I’m sorry sir. But like I said we are closed feel free to-“ I turned around to face my costumer and there he was- H.
 Leaning over my counter drooling over some of the cupcakes that were under a glass display.
The son of a gun was making himself at home, and he looked just like he did yesterday absolutely gorgeous.
His curly ringlets were adorning his face, his tall frame was relaxed and his jade eyes were fixed on me. On me?!

I felt the anger rushing through me and I clenched my fist at my sides, my molars were gritting. “You….” I sneered.
His eyes widen at my sight and he gave a step back. “Hey, Slow-Anne” he tried to be cool. I walked around the counter and marched over to him “You stood me up!” I said stabbing his chest with my index finger. “And it’s Sloane.” I added in a surly tone.

“That was today? I thought it was next week-“
“Liar.” I cut him off.
“Hey, what is your problem?” H retorted crossing his arms and straightening his back attempting to look taller and hold his ground.

“My problem?” I looked at him with narrowed eyes. “You completely ignored me and treated me horribly. You could have atleast pretended you were enjoying yourself. But no you were a pompous git, and today when I’m supposed to be the one that makes you suffer. You stood me up! You had the ridiculous idea of standing me up, just so I could feel awful about myself! And that-that is just cruel.”

I wasn’t even sure if ‘standing me up’ was an idiom. But I needed to give H a piece of my mind. His reaction was even worse than the issue, all he did was raise an eyebrow and cast a down glare at me. “Your point?”

Oh the boy could drive me mad.

“You are horrible. Get out.” I pointed at the door. Venom dropping out of ever single word.
“No. I want my Red Velvet cupcake.” He gave a step towards me attempting to intimidate me.
“Too bad we are closed.” I attempted to give as much sass and confidence to my words as Angelina would have. Maybe it was my imagination or I saw the edge of Harry’s lips twitch into a smile. That’s how pathetic I was he could even see through me.


Harry opened his mouth and closed it and no sound came out. He growled in defeat.
“I am oh so terribly sorry sir, but we are closed. Come again soon.” I sang in a mocking voice. Harry stomped outside the store the bell chimed and I shot him death glare from the outside window he raised his two fingers and at first pointed to his narrowed eyes then to me in an ‘I will be watching you’ matter. I was tempted to flick him off- but I don’t do that kind of stuff. So instead I waved him farewell and shot him an annoying look. H was gone in a few seconds and when I locked the door and stood where he had been standing, I realized something awful.
I knew this wouldn’t be the last time I heard from Harry Styles.


Tube – Subway train
Mobile – cellphone

Git – British insult
Wanker – British insult.


AN: Ooooh, so it seems like our little Sloane will be hearing from Harry again sometime soon~
*How rude of Harry to behave like that! Ugh- just wait and see why he was so mean!
***fun character fact: Sloane frowns upon cursing :)
*I wonder if Louis and Angelina will actually develop a relationship <3

-Xx G94

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