Far Away [ Harry Styles]

Sloane Byrnes is your ordinary girl. Because of her haunting past; she has low hopes for her future ,and believes she will never up to anyone great in life. That is- until one day fate brings her together to meet Harry Styles and her life becomes completely flipped upside down.
A story about insane people, dreams, tragedy and love. A tale filled with vicious plot twist, romance and mystery.
Find out how Harry changes Sloane's life and how she change his.


3. Is This the Real Life

If you think yesterday was a bad today- today believe it or not was even worse.

Today, Angelina had been mopping and crying all day long whining that she felt used by Louis Tomlinson.

Apparently, he was on a break with his girlfriend Eleanor and needed a rebound girl. Angelina appeared to have been that booty call. And here I thought Louis was a nice guy…

There wasn’t much that I could say to her- I mean they met on Omegle what does that tell you?

So I attempted a pat on the back with the typical you will find someone better they are not worth your time, and I did mean it. Angelina was a beautiful woman I had no doubt she would bounce back in no time, it’s just too bad she didn’t believe me.
There was also a woman screaming in the front claiming she was in a rush and that she needed her cake now. It was a crowded day they were about 30 people inside the bake shop at rush hour. So everyone was running around in a rush. Angie was in the counter with me helping me with the costumers. She said she felt better now that she just wasn’t suited for the late night swift anymore and that I should take it. And she would pay me more that was great for me. I needed the money.
The woman should’ve retired about 20 years ago, but her love for her business had kept her coming to work even after that.
I was scurrying around the front giving costumers what they wanted. Biscuits, cannoli, muffins, cupcakes, cakes, pies, anything that would cross their mind.

“A red velvet cupcake, please?”
“Coming right up!” I called. I picked one of the last red velvets and begun placing it in a small box, and then I glanced up and realized my grave mistake.
H was standing here he had a beige beanie on his head that hid most of his copper ringlets, and most of his face was hidden by a large pair of Ray Bans no one else seemed to notice him, not even Angelina who kept rushing in from the kitchen to the shop and back and forth. He saw that I realized who he was and a smirk grew on his lips. A scowl made way to my face and without thinking I took the cupcake from the box, I held it in my hand for a moment- and in one bite I shoved it into my mouth.
Harry’s smirk was wiped off his face and became plastered in mine. Several customers gazed at me with wide eyes, I smirked triumphantly my cheeks were largely puffed like a squirrel. Victory was mine.

“Sloane!” I was snapped back by Angie scolding me. “What was that?  That is no way to treat a costumer! Never in my 50 years of owning this bakery have I seen that behavior- you should be very ashamed-“ the scolding continued for the rest of the day. Angie was awfully disappointed in me and wouldn’t easily forgive me, I guess she was just in a bad mood today. And just to make matters worse that day as punishment I got stuck in dish duty and wasn’t allowed to touch any pastries, so I don’t “swallow them all”, as Angie had said.
 I had to close again that day and when I was sweeping the floor at the front, when the door bell chimed 10:56 p.m.

“You know, I used to work at a bakery as well…” I already knew whom that familiar voice belonged too and his tone was filled with arrogance and pompousness.
“And that really is no way to treat a costumer.”

I placed a hand on my waist another one still holding on to the broom I was tempted to swap this pest with. “Listen. I don’t tell you how to do your job, you don’t tell me how to do mine. Understood?”
“Woah, who got your knickers in a twist?” he laughed as he sat on a chair comfortably.
“You did.”
“I’m afraid I do have my way with knickers.” He shamelessly boasted.
“Pig.” I grumbled in response.

“So- now how about that red velvet?”


“I would like to purchase a red velvet.”





“Sorry, but we are closed.” I said flatly pointing at the watch on the wall then I removed my pink apron.
“That’s not fair! You waited until 11 to answer me! You played dirty…”
“So what?” I stepped into the kitchen hoping that when I came back he would be gone but instead he followed me in.
“You know something, you are a dirty girl.” He purred attempting to approach me.
“Excuse you?” I managed to speak in between clenched teeth; I was holding a knife on my right hand as I prepared to put it away. Harry was like that annoying house fly pest that you could never get rid off. God knows why, and you knew it was there and that it was harassing you with it’s annoying buzzing, and there was nothing you could do to shut it up.
“I think it’s sexy.”

“And I think you’re annoying. Now get out of my kitchen before I stab you.” I snarled pointing the large knife at him. “You wouldn’t stab me.” He laughed.
I flickered my dark eyes over to him “Try me.”
He only chuckled. After I had finished cleaning everything up, I brushed past him as exited the kitchen. Too bad he didn’t think I was serious.

“So no cupcake for me?”
“Never.” I answered as I turned off all the nights. I locked the shop and begun making my way to the tube.

“Hey can give ya a lift home?” he offered hands in his pockets.
I only glared at him, he knew my answer already.
 “Alright, then as a gentleman it is my sole duty to ensure that you get home safety so I have no choice but to walk you there then-“ At first I thought he was joking, but after following me for two blocks I snapped. “You know what- take me home.”
“If you insist.” He chuckled offering me his arm; I ignored him and tried to walk as far away as I could. And so I choose to stab him with the same words he used on me on our ‘first date’, “It’s not like I have a choice.”


Knickers – panties
biscuit – cookie
tube - subway


AN: wow this chapter is actually really short... Don't worry guys next one should be quiet lenghty and it gets a little intense.. ah it broke my heart! </3

*Sorry Angelina, you should've seen it coming honey really... Don't worry I got juicy plans for you anyways my dear... 

*Why were Eleanor and Louis on a break?

*** If any of you have any questions or comments for me, feel free to ask me I don't bite ***

-Xx G94

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