Far Away [ Harry Styles]

Sloane Byrnes is your ordinary girl. Because of her haunting past; she has low hopes for her future ,and believes she will never up to anyone great in life. That is- until one day fate brings her together to meet Harry Styles and her life becomes completely flipped upside down.
A story about insane people, dreams, tragedy and love. A tale filled with vicious plot twist, romance and mystery.
Find out how Harry changes Sloane's life and how she change his.


5. 500 Miles

What in the world in this boy going to do with 360 cupcakes all by himself?!
I fought the urge to roll my eyes as I glanced out the window. That was until we reached Harry’s house. My lips parted ajar.
The street was filed with elegant cars most of them Ferraris, Mercedes-Benz and Audis and plenty of other ridiculously expensive cars.
I was currently in the cake delivery van with Logan one of my co-workers whose eyes became as wide saucers. And Harry’s house well it was- huge.
It was a whole building itself. It was three stories tall and rather private with security guards outside. Heck it was even taller than the building that I lived in!

Logan and I exchanged an incredulous look and we got off he van, I approached one of the bodyguards slowly tugging at the length of my dress anxiously.

“Hello, good evening we came to deliver the order from the- er bakery…”
 I was actually slightly intimidated by the height and the way these bodyguards were looking at me.

“Name.” one demanded to know.
“Sloane Byrnes.” I peeped.

They looked at each other and nodded. “Please follow me Ms. Byrnes.”
“But the cupcakes-“
“Will be taken care off.” He silenced me. I said nothing and he lead me inside of Harry’s house. “Wait.” He ordered before getting lost in a massive crowd of people.
I slightly turned back and saw 4 massive men helping Logan take the cupcakes inside the house; they were placed in the dining room table.

Harry’s house was massive and decorated elegantly, even the people in the party were elegant all of the girls were dressed in posh cocktail dresses, and massive heels. They all appeared as if they had come out of a Saks 5th Avenue catalog they turned their perfectly make up eye lids to stare me down. I felt their eyes travel from my feet to my head like snakes it awfully uncomfortable.
And to make matters worse all the boys were the same.
I stood out like a sore thumb!
 I was wearing a light blue £32 dress that reached just above my tight. It was strapless and had a large bow of the same tone adorning my chest. My jewelry was modest and consisted on faux diamond earrings and a small necklace, as well as 2 thin golden chains that adorned my wrist- now those were real, they actually used to belong to my mother…

And well my heels they were a modest height and white, with cute straps.
I felt that Angelina would perfectly fit into this scene (if she were here), I felt completely underdressed with an average amount of make up on and lightly waved hair a small white bow holding half of it up. I insisted on not dressing up, but Angie had said a very valuable costumer had specifically asked for it, and that the costumer was always right. Sometimes I really hated my job…

I was expecting the bodyguard to return with Harry, instead he never came back and I was greeted by Louis. Who rushed to me and embraced me as if he were my brother.

“Louis, hello! I am so glad to see you!” I actually hugged him this time, just longing for someone to take me under their wing in this terrible crowd.

“I can’t believe you actually made it, and wow you look nice!”
I mumbled a shy thank you, and didn’t know what else to say.

“Here come with me, I’ll introduce you to everyone!” he said sounding thriller. He offered me his arm to take and I hesitated to wrap mine around it, but I did in the end; clinging to him for dear life.

Louis walked me over to a small group of people. And all of their eyes snapped towards me in a flat second. I also notated they were all enjoying Sweet Delight’s cupcakes. “Lads this is Sloane Byrnes. A friend.”
The way he called me a friend made me feel accepted and safe everyone seemed to be at ease as well.
He pointed at a group of girls and said they were a girl band called “Little Mix”, I saw another one of the band members with them.

 “Zayn, very nice meeting you.” He smiled curtly and then he pulled the girl he was hugging closer she was dressed a bit to eccentrically for my taste but just like the others she was beautiful. “and this is my girlfriend.”
“I’m Perrie! I like your bow!” she chirped in a bubbly tone. I couldn’t help but smile a little “T-Thank you.” I did a small conversation with another one of the girls from Little Mix Leigh-Anne (I think) mostly about fashion and clothing something that was certainly not my area, but she said that I kept things classy? And that she liked it?

Louis continued his tour introducing me to some of their drummers and guitarist and always the introduction was said “as a friend.” Which made me feel overjoyed. Besides Angelina I don’t think I had any other “friends.”
I don’t really know if she even counted, after her little heartbreak I invited her over to watch girly movies and eat ice cream she denied it and called me immature. Well I thought that’s what girl friends did…

“This is Lee-yum.” Louis said before taking a bite out of a carrot cake cupcake he had been holding. Liam who had walked over to get some cupcakes set them down on a table and surprisingly gave me a tight hug, he softly rubbed my back when he did. “Relax…” he whispered in my ear.
I actually felt myself relax a bit, eased by his words.
And he pulled away after a moment, “I’m Liam, heard plenty about you Sloane.”
He has heard of me?

Wait- What Harry talks about me? Or Louis or who? What?
“This is my girlfriend Danielle” a girl with vibrant curly hair approached me, she was very sweet just like her boyfriend.

Louis lead me away and I wrapped my arm around his comfortably again. Then from the crowd I saw a flash of orange that caught my eyes. “Is that… Ed Sheeran?”
Louis nodded. I almost clawed my nails into his arm my eyes wide,
 “C-Could you introduce me? I really love his music! His lyrics are amazing!”
Louis chuckled “Harry is better friends with him, I’ll give him the pleasure- speaking off-“ Louis trailed off and suddenly went dead quiet. And in the middle of the loud music, blaring colorful lights, and crowded people I caught sight of that tousled mane. Harry was currently lip-locked with a tall strawberry blond woman.

It was actually quiet disgusting the desperate way that they were consuming each other.

“I’m sorry you had to see that…” Louis trailed off, looking at me sadly.
I felt nothing; I was mainly grossed out a little glad that I was right when I told Angie he didn’t like me. “Oh no! Don’t be sorry-it’s not like I have feelings for him or anything.” I tried to say it as casually as I could.

“Harry doesn’t get worked up over girls often- and he’s pretty worked up over you right now.”
“Doesn’t look like it.” I scoffed still not taking my eyes off the sucking face couple; I forced myself to snap out of my daze and focused my eyes on a dancing blonde boy he was currently grinding on a random red head.

“I think he just gets off on annoying me.” I explained to Louis. Returning my gaze to the couple, Harry’s hand was under her dress and her hands were-
“Who is she?” I asked attempting to get a better eye view of the strawberry blonde girl. And who did she think she was to do this in public! Disgusting!

Louis took in a deep breath, “That’s Colleen Morgansen, she’s Harry’s er-…” he fought to find the perfect word. “girlfriend?” I tried.
Louis shook his head quickly; I raised an eyebrow confused “friend with benefits?”


“er- thing…” He sighed in defeat.

He shortly added an I’ll explain later.

The blonde boy locked eyes on us and Louis raised his hand in a small wave.
“That’s Niall, another one of the boys. He seems busy right now so you’ll meet him later.” I smiled a little and Louis led me away.

Niall just like Louis, Liam, Zayne and Harry was gorgeous they all were, it was no wonder why girls all over the world swooned over them, and specially since most of them were so pleasant…

Louis strolled across the room to greet a small girl, he tapped her shoulder and gave her a toothy grin, then her eyes fixed on me and a small smile played in her pouty lips. This girl instead of looking sexy like everyone else looked very cute and modest, I knew I would like her.

“Sloane this is my girlfriend Eleanor. Eleanor, Sloane our friend.”
Girlfriend? And here I was getting all cozy holding on to Louis’s arm!
I instantly let go and jumped back and I felt my ears turn scarlet. “I-I am really sorry Eleanor! I know I’ve been living under a rock and all and-“

Eleanor and Louis both begun laughing, and I realized that they laughed the same- heck they even looked a like!

“Hey, that’s alright!” she giggled placing her hand on my shoulder. That didn’t help make me feel more relaxed.  She laced her fingers with Louis’s and stepped to his side. “Very nice meeting you tho.” I tried.
“I look forward to being f-friends.” I tried the word and they both smiled at me.

Suddenly an arm wrapped around my shoulder and pulled me close.
“Hey, Sloane there you are! Been looking for you everywhere!” A drunked breath filled my nostrils.
Louis and Eleanor exchanged a look, I really don’t know what they were thinking but it probably wasn’t good. I attempted to wriggle my way out of H’s grip.
“So… what’s the occasion for the party?” I asked trying to start a conversation. I could tell that Harry had a few too many drinks to night.
Harry shrugged. “Thought it might be interesting to see your awkwardness unfold in this environment,” he grinned sheepishly, his adorable dimples adorning his face. Then he stumbled a little and leaned over me sandwiching me between the wall and himself. His face was right in front of mine and his arms were caging me, I was trapped. With wide eyes I shot Louis a pleading look, Eleanor had a distraught look on her face and appeared to be looking at something else.

“Leave, her alone Harry.” Louis grumbled pulling H off me. As soon as Harry was out of my vision I was greeted by the sight of Colleen Morgensen. Alias the woman Harry had been previously snogging. She did not look happy, her eyes scanned my body and she pursued her lips.

“You must be Slow-Anne Burns. You are tonight’s talk… nothing great, nothing special.” I stared at this woman with an aggressive look on my face; maybe the reason why this struck a nerve was because it was true.
She was tall, taller than me and even Harry. Her strawberry blond hair was adorned elegantly and she had chilling blue eyes, and her body was flawless, she looked strong and had a perfect hourglass figure. Her dress was also beautiful a masterpiece if I said so myself with rhinestones and small detail it must have been expensive.

“It’s actually Sloane Byrnes.” I attempted to stand as tall as I could. Adrenaline began pumping through me as the fear left my system. I don’t know what it was that triggered this reaction, that locked away my shyness, but I liked it.
 Just who did she think she was to speak to me like that?

She laughed smugly as if she couldn’t believe a girl like me could stand up to a girl like her.

“What?” she laughed, both eyebrows raised up in surprise. 
“Did I studder?” I attempted to reply with as much buoyancy as I could (It always worked in the movies.) Louis who was standing behind her put his hands on his waist in a mocking manner, I imitated him and raised one of my thick eyebrows.

“Just who do you think you are?” she cocked her head to the side, her shiny ruby lips pouting as she took a glance at Harry expecting him to defend her, but he just seemed rather out of it and very intoxicated; it looked as if he would pass out any second now. I gave a step forward standing my ground, Harry was leaning against the wall right behind me. 

“I-I would ask you the same question, but I have no interest in interacting with you tonight. Thank you for giving me such a idyllic insight into your ignorant, vulgar mentality.”

There was a fat silence, and I slowly felt the fear start creeping back into my consciousness.

She begun cackling in an exaggerated manner and looked around the room, I didn’t know if it was because of she was speechless or because she was bored of me.
 I don’t think I was doing very well. Eleanor shot me a thumbs up with a wide grin; from behind her Louis clapped and spun in delight. Harry was leaning against the wall his tired eyes focused on Colleen. He almost looked sick, and then I wondered how much he had to drink and why he had drank so much.

Then Colleen leered haughtily at me. “You might use those big words of yours, and try to give me attitude, but you are fooling no one.” She gave a step closer towards me and I began to cower, with my tail tucked under my legs I gave a step back bumping into Harry. And I found myself unable to move under her threatening gaze.
“You think you can actually fit in here with us? A poor, sad, good for nothing baker. Harry did invite you, but do you think he actually cares about you? All he wants is a good lay with you.” My eyes were wide and watery now, my hands creeping up to my mouth. She stood her ground cockily and even posed.
“Colleen! Enough!” Louis pulled her arm back. “She didn’t even do anything to you!” Eleanor cried out clearly upset.

“You want me to start with you, again? scrawny excuse-for-a-model…” Colleen threatened.
 Again? Wait- she had harassed Eleanor before?
I felt hopeless and defenseless against Colleen and her words, even Eleanor took a step back speechless.
“What did you eat for breakfast? Bitch Flakes?" Growled Louis stepping up.

Colleen rolled her cold eyes and turned to face me. Or well who was behind me.
“The saddest part is that I can’t even see why he would want to bone you, since you’re obese.” I covered my mouth with my hands; there were several eyes now observing the scene gossiping. I couldn’t take it. I shut them tightly and tried to fight the tears back.

“Come on my sweet~” she sang to Harry stretching her hand out to him. Harry oblivious and extremely intoxicated laced his fingers with her.
Harry side-stepped me and began to walk with Colleen. I don’t think I had ever been so disappointed in my life…
Colleen turned and shot me a triumphant look. Suddenly Harry stopped moving. He was right in front of me attempting to stand; I pressed my hands against his back in an attempt to prevent him from crushing me again.

Harry didn’t move or speak at all.

 “What’s the matter?” Colleen turned around. I saw her large heels click on the floor as they approached us, and I closed my eyes before I heard a deafening shriek. I composed myself and saw Harry revolting all the liquor he had consumed on Colleen.
The eyes of all the witnesses around became as wide as saucers and plenty attempted to hide their laughter. Most of the other people just seemed absolutely grossed out and disgusted. With a strain groan Harry lifted himself holding onto his stomach tightly.

“THIS DRESS WAS OSCAR DE LA RENTA!” Colleen shouted her face completely red and furious, she reminded me of a bull in rampaged her eyebrows were all scrunched up and I could’ve sworn she had sprouted out fangs like a demon.
“Harry!” I cried out, rubbing his back. Concerned I attempted to get a good look at the boy to see if he was at least all right, but was tugged away immediately. Eleanor was dragging my by the arm and she spun me into the dance floor. “Hide here. Things are about to get nasty.” She shouted above the music.
Before I could ask “what?” she was gone and I was left to stand in the middle of countless of drunken people and grinders.

I attempted to wipe my river of tears and blend in, when I felt someone grinding up on me from behind. I jumped startled and saw the boy Louis had said was the other member of One Direction, Nigel was it? Niall!
He blinked twice when he saw my tears, “sorry…” he mouthed. I shook my head and walked outside into Harry’s garden where they were still plenty of people dancing, chatting and drinking.

I was surprised when the boy followed me outside.

“Hey…” he said softly. “Are you alright? I saw what happened…”
I shook my head from side to side. “I-I’ve been better…” I spoke meekly really not feeling my hottest. Niall shook his head and removed his jacket wrapping it around my shoulders. Even if it was summer, I assumed it was to cover the color of my dress, and well- I did find it a very comforting action.
Tonight was actually going to be a good night. How many good nights had I had since when I was 13? Since the accident had happened-
My train of thought was interrupted by Niall who held on to my hand and rushed me to one of the corners were some couples were dancing.
He held both of my hands and attempted to twirl and dance with me for the sake of camouflage.

“WHERE IS THAT BITCH?! WHERE DID THAT LITTLE SLUT GO?!” I heard the banshee screeching from a nearby distance, haunting me. I felt the tears begin to build up again.

Everything she had said was true…

Niall noticed and begun panicking, “No, no, no… Please don’t cry!” he pleaded in between gritted teeth his eyes wide. I knew she was near by the way that Niall reacted. He pulled me close to him and put his head over mine. I couldn’t help myself and wrapped my arms around him tightly burying my face in his chest. I heard several bodyguards shouting and her screaming got louder and louder.
We swayed like that for a good while, until he finally lifted his head and pulled me away from the crowd.

 “Seems like she’s gone…” He said alert of his environment.
I continued wiping my fat tears. “N-Niall, I am s-so sorry.... thank you…” I squeezed his hand and quickly retreated it using it to wipe more tears.

“No, please stop. You shouldn’t cry…” He attempted to help me wipe my disgusting tears.
“B-But what she-she said…” I blubbered feeling like a five year old.

“Don’t even pay any attention to her, that fucking cunt is a lost cause- she always causes a scene when anyone gets within a foot radius of Harry. I don’t know why that bitch is so fucking obsessed with that arsehole anyways-“

I tried to hide my giggles, but failed with poor effort.

“And- First I think you are a badass baker, one of the best I have ever had. You must cook for me!” He placed his arms on my shoulder and gripped them tightly. I smiled a little feeling better.

 “And Harry- cares about you I know it." He licked his lips as he said this. I looked at him not believe him. "He hasn't tried to sleep with you, so that says a lot.

 I sucked in a deep breath attempting to calm down. Maybe he just dosn't want to sleep with me because he thinks I'm ugly and because I'm well... chubby...

“And no- you are not fat. She is a model her perception on a proportionate beautiful body is unreal and completely fucked up. You are per-fect the way you are, please don’t forget it and please don’t cry again! That was the most awful thing I have ever witnessed.” He sighed. I couldn’t help but smile broadly. And embracing him tightly.
“Niall, thank you so much! That was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.”
“R-Really?” He sounded shocked. I nodded. He held one of my hands in his.
“Do you wanna go back and dance?” I was about to speak when a third voice killed our trip.

“Niall-er!” Harry sang as he stumbled on Niall. “I need to talk to you…” he hiccupped. Shouldn’t he be in bed or dead after, Colleen went insane?!
And where was Louis?

Harry gave two steps and begun talking to Niall right in front of me.
“Niall… I can see the way you’re looking at Sloane” he slurred.
“And bro-“ he patted Niall’s chest. “She is- hmm.. I just don’t have a good feeling about you two…”

Niall scowled and shoved Harry off who was now leaning on me.

“What the fuck Harry, we were just going to dance! Now shove off!”

Harry completely ignored Niall and sniffed me? “You smell nice…”
I felt a chill run through my spine when his wet tongue flickered against my neck. “You taste nice too.” He gave me a lazy smile.

I was completely grossed out- the worst part is that it hadn’t been long since Harry threw up.
 “Ugh!!!” I grumbled. “Harry get off!” I felt my temper begin to build again.
“This is all your fault!” I began scolding him.

“My fault?” He retorted with a stupid grin.
“Yes! If you hadn’t thrown this party and gotten all drunk and invited me- ugh! Just please never speak to me again!” I shoved him off and stomped away back into the house ready to take the tube or walk home if it was necessary. Inside I spotted Louis taking shots in a crowded table, Eleanor was at his right hand cheering. Okay, he was done. There goes my ride home.

“Hey, wait-wait!” I felt a pair of strong arms snake around my waist, as I was about to reach the door. I felt my face turning red and a chill speed down my spine giving me goose bumps. Harry leaned over pulling me close to him.

“H-Harry! LET ME GO!” I attempted to elbow him, he didn’t even flinch. I didn’t think anyone heard me over the loud music.

He buried his face in my neck and whispered something against my skin. Just making my face feel hotter-and suddenly he was off on the floor.
I turned back and saw Niall standing over a passed out Harry. Geez he was a mess!
“fucking idiot…” he shook his head before bending down and picking up Harry wrapping one of Harry’s arms around his shoulders.
“Here-help me take him to his room.” I nodded and wrapped Harry’s other arm around my shoulders and we begun the stair trek.

(stair trek? Star treks? Why am I so funny! *shot *)

Harry was heavy and taller than both Niall and I, when we reached the second floor I was relieved to see there were several bedrooms, but Niall shook his head and said they were all currently ‘occupied.’

Once we got to the third floor, we were barely able to carry him and lay him down on his bed. Niall laid Harry’s head to the side and very quickly checked his phone.
“I’m going to go find Louis. Keep an eye on the poor bastard and tilt his head to the side incase he throws up. So he won’t choke.”

I didn’t say anything just nodded and Niall was gone in a flash. Looking at Harry’s alarm clock I realized it was barely around 12. Great.  
Since I had nothing to do but watch H and I couldn’t leave I took a seat in the bed next to him. His bed was actually deliciously comfortable, I was way better than that rock of mine I call a mattress!

His room had plenty of windows; it had plenty of white, silver and several touches of blue you could tell that it had been decorated by a professional designer just like the rest of the house. I could still heart the loud music booming from downstairs I can’t believe his stupid party was still going on. There was a cute cat curled up in the corner sleeping, and he had a huge plasma tv in front of his bed next to it were few books, magazines and several DVD and CD’s. There were even some large awards. I was lost in thought when I heard Harry groaning, I turned to look at him and he looked like a dead fish clutching his stomach. His skin was pale and clammy, and when I touched him he felt hot.

“Harry…!” I shook him and called his name again. He moaned in pain and squinted his eyes open. “Sloane? W-What are you doing here… in my room-“ he grunted- he was going to throw up I knew it. I jumped to his side and held his wrist in my hands attempting to make him sit up. “Harry-“ I sat him up on the side of his bed and he suddenly wretched all over me just like he had on Colleen.
I held the scream hold in my throat as the warm thick liquid slid down my bare legs.
Why was it that since I had met Harry Styles my days were always filled with tragic incidents?!
I held my breath and Harry looked up to me through his dark eyelashes with water-logged eyes.

“I-I’m sorry Sloane…” he mumbled weakly.

Now the floor was a filthy mess and I knew I was going to be the one that cleaned up. Harry had dirtied his button up shirt as well, that was something I was gonna have to change too. I shut my eyes tightly for a second trying to ignore all of annoyance and disgust that was overwhelming me and contemplated leaving the room. I could have just left him here to die and all of my problems would be over, but he just looked so helpless and vulnerable…
I even felt bad for him. How could I leave him all by himself?

“Here, come on…” I helped him to his feet to the bathroom. His bathroom was royal; I don’t think I had ever seen something so fancy before.
I allowed him to slide down the wall and sit next to his toilet. I unbuttoned his shirt and left him shirtless before stepping into his shower not even bothering changing. I kept an eye on him as he observed me cautiously, after I washed off the spew from my legs and dress. Soaking wet still with my teal dress and Niall’s coat clinging to my skin I walked into his humongous closet, which was filled with all kinds of clothing- (sorry for snooping around Harry.)
And so I picked up a Pink Floyd t-shirt and a pair of dark Adidas shorts.
Rushing back, I checked on Harry who was still in his misery. I picked up one of the towels in his bathroom and used to it clean up the mess on his wooden floor. I tossed it in a laundry hamper and returned only to find Harry hurling into the bathroom again.
I poured him a glass of water from the sink and approached him, wiping his face with another fresh towel.

“Here… Drink this slowly…” He didn’t even have the strength to hold the glass so I had to give it to him slowly. “Swallow.” I ordered, but the water would just drip down to his chin onto his naked tattooed chest. So I popped his mouth open and poured it in, raising his head up so he could swallow. Where the heck was Niall?!
With both of my eyebrows scrunched up, I suddenly saw his eyes piercing into mine. I really didn’t like the way he was looking at me… It made me feel apprehensive as if I was his only salvation.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry about everything.” He groaned.
“Harry, stop talking. Please.”
“No. I am sorry about being such an arsehole at that restaurant, and annoying the shit out of you. Drunk. The blonde bitch and now this…”
“Just please stop…” I placed my hand on his mouth softly attempting to silence him, instead he reached for it with his left hand and held it in his lacing his fingers through it. Holding it as tight as he could.
“No, no, I have to say it I have to-“ and then it came again vomit. He hurled back all over the toilet. I held my breath attempting to ignore the disgusting smell.
Suddenly he leaned his head back against the wall and inhaled deeply. Suddenly, I heard the faint sound of buzzing. It was coming from Harry’s pockets.
I pulled out his phone and looked at the called ID: Nialler.

Niall asked how Harry was doing and I said he talking, and upchucking his guts out. Niall said that was normal and just to give him water and keep an eye on him.

“Where are you? Where is Louis?” I asked sounding almost desperate.
“I have to drive Louis and Eleanor home they needed a DD. Do you think you can handle him?”

I looked at poor Harry holding on to my hand looking at me with pleading eyes. Crying out for help. “Y-Yes Niall, I can handle him. Take your time. We will be fine." 

Harry was still looking at me with his mesmerizing eyes. His pupils were dilated because of the great amount of alcohol he had consumed. His eyes were watery and half closed in fatigue. 

“Sloane, if you hate me. Say it.”

I said nothing, just tried to give him some water. I opened my mouth and closed it unsure of what to say. Did I really hate him? I got covered in the guys vomit and still stuck around to help him…

“Say it.” He cried again, his face twisting into a pained expression.
“I-I don’t…” I whispered. Harry let go of my hand and his eyes welled up with tears.
“Liar…” He said in a hurt voice.
"I really don't hate you. You annoy the daylights out of me but- I mean-"

He looked at me with a disapproving glare. What was he? Was Harry my friend? Was he just the guy who liked to you around with me? A crush?
My heart broke when I saw a tear slide down his cheek, I could swear I saw my reflection in that tear. I gently wipe it off with my thumb and gave him a sad smile.

“Do you honestly think that if I hated you- I would stick around after you have covered me with your barf to nurse you back to health?” I laughed softly. 

The corner of Harry's lips twisted upwards in realization. He mumbled a pitiful "sorry." and his head dolled against the white wall behind him. 

I spent the rest of that night in the bathroom making sure Harry was okay, eventually we both passed out asleep in his bathroom…

AN:  HARRY?!@#!@@! (he is a rather sensitive/emotional guy but that's just another reason why we love him <3)
I swear if he ever read this he'd probably die and look over like "nop, that is so not me." *shot*
*funfact- the map of Harry's house is as accurate as can be I actually found the blueprints to his house...
*Ugh, what's Colleens deal?
*Bitch Flakes... haha
*So Sloane doesn't hate Harry, but what is he a friend? crush? frienemy?

*The girl on top? That's who Sloane is supposed to look like, "Lily Collins" I don't know much about her, but she gives of an air of sweetness and innocence so I think that's what Sloane would look like if she was real (except Sloane would have like 10 more pounds (What the girl is a baker I mean she can't be stick thin that's unrealistic!)). She's as cute as a button...


*comments/ratings anyone?

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