Just imagine, dreaming becoming reality.

I dream about fire. I like the fire. I touch the fire. It burns. The pain helps me remember my body's alive. Even when my mind isn't.


4. -4-

  I heard the kids screaming before I smelt the smoke before I saw the flames, rising up over the lockers I blocked everything else out as I walked towards the flame I put my hands out, not to touch it, but more to control it. I imagined it revolving around me, destructing the school. I managed to weave it around my body and it felt like my dreams, me, controlling the fire. Charlie and Pig were the last to emerge from the fire. They got to where I was standing, I didn't think there was anyone left. I snapped off the fire so there was a single flame in my hand, so I thought. I had practiced many times on my own but this time it didn't work. They were surrounding me. "CHARLIE RUN!" I screamed as the flame seized my leg. I screamed at the pain and then started laughing. My body, it's alive, I'm not dead, my mind might've been but my body wasn't. Splash! Pig threw a pail of water on my leg, killing the fire, but the pain, it was still there. The fire was gone, I was alive, thanks to the two people who bullied me the most... "You've thanked me, slut, now piss off to your little friends, you know-it-all." Pig said. "Why did you do that Pig? You hate me." I said, maybe a bit too bluntly. Pig started to stutter for a while before Charlie covered up for him. "So Pig here, and me can continue to make your life miserabler." It took all my power not to laugh at his bad English. Gawd. I saw in the corner of my eye, well, I thought I saw, I couldn't be sure, of the figure that ran away from them.

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