Just imagine, dreaming becoming reality.

I dream about fire. I like the fire. I touch the fire. It burns. The pain helps me remember my body's alive. Even when my mind isn't.


2. -2-

Chapter 2

I climbed back up to my window and leaped into my room. I checked the time, 6:59 a.m.


I think. Perfect timing. I go into my bathroom and have a shower.

I turn on the hot water and start to relax, totally oblivious to all of my surroundings, I start to relax waving my ling dark blonde hair around, actually happy. I mealt away into my own little imaginative world.

"Aargh shut-up you stupid women."

I was suddenly snapped out of my daze and reality came crashing back down on my shoulders. I turn the water off, feeling really flat, like when you go to see a great movie and then have to go back to your boring life, I dry and 'style' my hair into a high pony tail, letting it sway for a while. I choose a black pair of leggings with holes up the legs with a matching pair of short shorts, a black V-neck top with a grey cardigan, which belonged to my grandmother, and yes, in case you can't tell, my favourite colour is black.

7:45 a.m.

I climb back out the window, ready to leap onto my tree just as my mother comes into my room. I wince whn I see a red hand mark on her cheek. I hide as still as I can incase he comes in, but, fortunately, he doesn't so as I've been doing for the past three years, I flick my ratty old black Converse over the window frame so I'm sitting on the windowsill I was hiding under a minute before and wish my mum well on her day. She smiles her sad smile at me and tells me I better get going. So I climb, once again out the window and start my journey to the prison people call school.

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