Everything has changed **in progress again**


Elena and Harry just found out that they are going to have a baby. How will the cope with all the stress? Will Harry be there for them both? And will this "happy ever after" last much longer? Read more to find out!

"I don't get it, I hid the bump just fine before. Why isn't it working now? I guess this is just how it starts. I'm just going to get bigger and bigger. This is going to be a long nine months"


4. She's back

((A/N: Short chapter))



"Elena!", I could hear her before I saw her, yeah that was the Carmen I remember. She ran over dropping her bags and scooping me up into one of her "famous" hugs, but she couldn't lift me up very well anymore, "Has Niall been feeding you all again? You're getting a little big Lena".
"Hey Carmen", I manged to say after she set me down, I pulled my shirt down again and looked at Harry who shook his head, she didn't see anything. 
"Hey sweetie so how's my big brother? And why didn't he come with you? Is he trying to avoid me?", she waltzed right past Harry, who looked slightly hurt. I stifled a laugh and pretended to cough, "Oh hey Hazza! Don't worry I'd never forget about my brother's troublemaker", he laughed as she jumped on his back and made him give her a piggy back for a couple steps. When Harry let her down he grabbed her bags and walked back over to me, in-twinning our fingers together with his free hand. She was walking a head of us chatting and talking about the flight over, even if we weren't listening she continued. Harry stopped and kissed me on the cheek whispering to me as we starting walking again, "She's back". I laughed and nudged him with my elbow.
"So I hear you have some important news to tell everyone", Carmen commented as we got into the car and drove home. I didn't respond, pretending to be asleep as I did when I didn't want to answer one of her MANY questions. 

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