Best Song Ever

Georgia rose is a normal girl but what happens to her when she meets Niall Horan?


1. chapter 1

“Come on Georgia the One Direction concert’s in 10 minutes!” My best friend, Alex said.


“What? Why didn't you tell me earlier?” I said putting my makeup away.


I ran out of the bathroom, grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the flat and into the car. We both clambered into the car and drove of to the concert. Before I tell you what happened at the concert I want to tell you about my friend and I. We are HUGE One Direction fans,(Niall is my new celebrity crush). My friend likes Harry Styles. I have long, silky,Carmel Brown hair and I have a bit of violet in my eyes. I don't know why I would say this but I have really long eyelashes. My friend Alex has long and curly black hair, and brown eyes. Neither of us have a boyfriend, we are waiting for the right guy to come along. Anyways back to the story. Alex and I wanted to get there so bad we almost speed! We had gotten amazing seats, In the front row!!! Once we had gotten there we found our seat and waited. After a few people played some of their songs 1D came out and we started to scream our heads off.  They sang all of our favorites like, Up all Night, I Want and so much more! Oh and I forgot to tell you we also had backstage passes! 

When the concert ended the security grouped us up and lead us backstage. The backstage was so cool! It was decorated in red and white and It was huge. Everyone rushed to the boys but Alex and I decide to wait until the crowd of preteen girls cleared up.

“Hey Georgia look, Niall is staring at you!” Alex said poking me in the ribs.


“What? Really?” I asked looking up at him. He quickly turned his head away. I could see him blushing.


“Oh thats adorable, your both blushing!”


“Oh shush!” I said blushing some more.


“Oh my god Harry styles is staring at you!” I said, and sure enough he was staring at



“Ya right!”


“No really i’m not kidding!”


“I don't believe you!” she said defiantly.


“Look!” I said directing her head towards Harry


“Oh my god, he is staring at me!” she squeaked with excitement.


“Let’s go say hi.” i said grabbing her again. But she pulled me back.


“No Georgia I can’t, i’m to nervous!” she said bitting her nails.


“Then i’ll introduce you!”



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