A Dream

Haley and Siraya are at The X Factor when their boyfriends Harry and Niall audition. They get formed into a band called One Direction. The couples break up when they start falling apart. Haley moves to England with Siraya and they become best friends. When Haley and Siraya join Little Mix, and they become famous. Niall and Harry realize Siraya and Haley are their ex-girlfriends. What happens when Haley and Siraya bump into Niall and Harry again?


33. Pain

SiSi's P.O.V. I couldn't take it! It should be me in that hospital bed hurting not Harry! Its all my fault! Im mad that I had to eat. I wanna make myself miserable for what happened to Harry! I just had to kiss Ashton. Harry is my everything! He was sleeping. But I guess I woke him up with my sobbing because his eyes opened. "hey don't cry" He said but he could barley speak. I cant take this! I ran into the bathroom trying to find a sharp item. "Babe stop what are you doing?!?! Haley com help!" I locked the door. I found a razor in the closet. I took a deep breath and cut my wrist. "SISI OPEN THE DOOR, I KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!" Haley yelled. I used to cut when Harry left and Haley always knew, but I stopped. It doesn't hurt that much but it does. I wanted myself to suffer! "SiSi STOP!" Haley said with her voice cracking banging on the door. That hurt me but right now I didn't care. It was my fault now I have to feel Harry's pain! Then I heard Niall. "OPEN THE DOOR PLEASE" There were already about 6 cuts on my arm. I let out a small scream of pain but just then Niall knocked down the door. He was breathing heavy and sweating. Haley looked at my arm and screamed. "haven't seen this in a bit huh?" I said crying. She ran over to me and held my arm still letting tears fall freely down her face. She then hugged me. I tried to stand up but I couldn't, I was too weak form loosing blood. So Niall carried me. Looks like someone isn't scared anymore. Haley's P.O.V. SiSi has been clean for almost a year now, but not anymore. I wanted to hug her and never let her go. I hate to see her like this. There were so many cuts. More than when Harry left. I was so happy Niall knocked down the door. He loved her like a sister like me. If he didnt knock down the door who knows what could've happened. Without SiSi im nothing. There was blood everywhere. Niall carried her and she fell asleep in his arms. The rest of the girls ran into the room with Zayn, Louis, and Liam. "What happened we he-" Liam stopped talking when he looked at Niall and saw SiSi. He ran over t her and so did everyone else. "let me see her" Harry whispered. "But Harry-" Louis said "NO LET ME SEE HER" he whispered screamed. Niall brought SiSi over to him. He slowly reached his cut up arm to her and felt her cuts. "d-d-did she do this because of me?" "Y-Yes Harry" Niall said. I tear slid down Harry's cut face. He then held her hand. A doctor walked in "oh wow! I'll go get some nurses." A couple minutes later some nurses took her to another room and hooked her arms up with these things and whatever im not a doctor. xxSISIxx
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