his kiss

He is not my perfect match and he could be rude sometimes. He drinks a lot and when he is drunk he is crazy. He loves me, he loves me NOT. I keep telling myself that he is no good and that he is using me. I try to run but I can't leave. I want to leave and forget him but I always come back because of his kiss. His kiss tells me everything.


4. meeting his friends

Marilyn's P.O.V

we got to the club and we showed the guard our I.D's and then we went inside. "Hey there is Michael!!" Addison yelled. She ran to him and he picked her up and kissed her. What? Didn't I mention that they're dating? I didn't? Well now I did. Anyway, so me and Michelle walked over to him and hugged him. "So let me introduce you girls to my friends." Michael said. "Girls these are my friends Harrry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall." He pointed to them. "And guys this is my sister, Michelle. My girlfriend, Addison. And my friend and sisters best friend, Marilyn." "Hi guys!" Michelle said. "Hiya" Addison said. "Hey" I said and waved. "So who wants a drink?" Zayn asked. "I do!!!" Michelle's said. "Same!" Addison said. "How about you, Marilyn?" Louis asked. "Oh she doesn't drink. She is not supposed to because she has an allergic reaction but she is still the most crazy" Michael said. I nodded saying that it's the truth. "Oh well I can't drink either" liam said, "we can hang out together, if you want?" "Sure." I said.

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