Back To Reality(Sequal to I'm Just A Loser)

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Description: Harrys cancer was all a nightmare in his coma. Thank god he wasn't actually dead. Now he has to make up 5 years of his life. He has to snap 'Back To Reality'


8. Chapter 58

It's great. We're back home and everything is safe and sound, Darcy's no pregnant so that's a start. No one got sick during the cruise. That's an amazing thing.

"What was your favorite part about the cruise Brody?" I asked him.

All 6 of us were all in a big circle. Me, Emily, Darcy, Edward, Brody and Tyler.

"When me and Tyler, went to the skating park." Wow my 5 year old is smart.

"Good." Emily smiled, "what about you Tyler?"

"That I got to go on a boatttttt. It was so saw fishieess." He laughed.

"That's my boy." I laughed at him, "what about you Edward."

"I didn't like this go around." He huffered.

"Gesz, someone pissed in your cereal this morning."

"Harry." Emily scolds me at my bad language.


"What about you Dar-" we looked over and the place she once sat in was empty.

Then I heard a scream from up stairs.

"Stay here with the kids." I told Emily and ran up the stairs.

"Darcy." I searched the halls.

Then I heard a big thump come from the bathroom.

When I tried to open it, it was locked.

"Shit." I cursed.

Then I remember the key on the top on the door frame.

I got it off and unlocked the door.

Lifeless, pale Darcy was laying on the floor.

"Emily call an ambulance." I yelled down the stairs.

"Shit, shit, shit." I felt her pulse. No.

"What's-" Emily started, "Oh my god."

"Don't call the ambulance anymore... We lost her." I felt tears water up.

*one week later*

We were at the funeral of Darcy's.

"She was an amazing minded kid who never gave up hope. She was always a happy kid. Until the dirtbag showed up. Then it was all gone. Emily forever and always is in my prayers." Emily started crying during her speech.

"Harry your turn." Emily say next to me.

"I'm Harry, Darcy's dad and um... Darcy was an amazing soled person, she never brought out the bad side of you. Ever since she was little she would always bring smiles to our faces. When we had Edward come along, she was such a help with them. I always told my self she was going to become a great mom one day. Even the she was so little when the twins came along she was even more of a help watching all 3 kids. Anyways, there was never a down side to her attitude. She was a strong young women. And I love her so much, Emily i love you so much, if you could hear me that would be amazing." I had water in my eyes."I miss you angel." Were my last words before my vision became blurry.

"Dad I'm right here." I heard an angelic voice say.

I turned around and the angel of Darcy was right there. Everyone gasped at the site of her.

"I love you Dad." She smiled:

"Why did you-"

"I couldn't stand knowing my friends would make fun of me for being raped and not a virgin anymore.., and when you were talking about favorite part, I couldn't do it."

She walked over to me and I could feel her hand on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry dad." Then her image disappeared.

"Oh my gosh." I whispered then walked off.

"I can't." I cried.

"Harry wait." I hear Emily.

I was outside and ice was on the ground. I started to walk but it was all slick.

"Don't come out here Emily." She was about to step out on the ice.

"Get back in here Harry." Her eyes were bloodshot red.

"No I can't do this."

"Get your ass back in here." She scolded.

"Fine." I groaned and then walked back towards her.

"Harry be careful." I fell into her arms because I slipped on the end piece.

"Thanks." I smiled.

She laughed, "let's go." Then her smile faded and so did mine.

"Almost like when we met." I said.

"You didn't fall into my arms." She rolled her eyes.

"But it felt like it." I put my arm around her shoulder.

Her tense shoulders soon relaxed.

"I love you Em."

"I love you Harry." I kissed the side of her face and we walked back into the room.


So I decided this book will end on chapter 60. But there will be an epilogue(: plus after this I will do ALL editing(:

Love you

I'll update later :)

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