Finding You

Emelia is an average 18 old girl.She went to school,got bullied,had no friends. Once she became 18 her parents told her a secret they have kept from her since she was born.She grew up thinking she was an only child but that all changes when her parents tell her she has a brother in the most famous boy band ,One Direction.What happens when she finds out her brother is the one and only Harry Styles?!


9. Someone new and Harry

Emelias pov



My life is so fucked up..I heard footsteps coming from behind me.Please don't be Liam or harry was all i could think of......


I looked up to see a short hair blonde girl sitting down beside me."Who are you?",i asked quietly.She smiled "Amy",and put her hand out for me to shake."Emelia",i said my voice shaking."I sometimes come out here to be alone and to get away from everything,you know?",she said handing me a issue for my tears.I smiled and took it to wipe my eyes."So what's your reason to be out here?",she asked looking straight ahead."Um family issues,complicated really!",i smiled and we stayed quiet for awhile."So where you from?",she asked out of the blue.I looked at her with concern.I had just met her and i am giving away alot of information!"It's ok you know?If you don't want to tell me it's cool but i'm not............strange",she giggled and i laughed with her.I had never really had someone that wasn't family be so nice to me.I felt awkward.."I live just down the road",i smiled as she nodded."I would tell you where i live but i'm afraid you would freak out",she said putting her head down.I looked at her weirdly as she laughed."Are you a fan of One Direction?",she asked and i looked at her shocked.She must have seen my facial expression because she looked upset and got up to leave before i stopped her."Hey wait!I'm staying with them!!I shouted at her without thinking.I saw her turn on her heel and look at me."Yo-your Liams girl!",she looked excited.I blushed and my face turned to a frown.Why does everyone call me "his girl"?Were in a fight that probobly wont fix and don't get me started about all the drama i have to go home to!"I'm Niall's friend i live next door!!",she said running up to me and grabbing my arm."Come on i'll drive you home!!",she said as she dragged me to her car.I giggled at how excited she was!She drove to the house and we both got out.I really didn't want to go back in..i don't want to face them ,not now anyway.I must of been standing there for awhile because i saw Amy getting aggitated waiting for me to come.


She rang the doorbell and i looked down not wanting to face whatever was coming at me.To my relif Niall answered the door and gave Amy a hug as she walked in.He looked at me worried and closed the door to come outside to me."Emelia things are pretty spiced up in there",he said as we both sat on the doorstep."I know,i don't know what to do Niall!",i asked putting my head in my hands."Like,what the fuck is going on",he said not helping the situation.I looked up agitated as he said sorry."Liam is worried about you and pissed while Harry is pacing the room confused and scared never mind the few tears he shred!",he looked at me.I got up and walked over to the door."Your right i have to fix this!",i said while barging in the door to see Harry biting half his nail off and Louis and zayn sitting beside Liam Once Liam saw me his eyes filled with worry."Emelia i-m so so-",he said while i stopped him and rolled my eyes.I looked to Harry who looked at me as if i had just came home from not seeing him in 20 years which makes sence."Emelia",he whispered while walking over to me."Harry",i sighed.He sat down on a stool and put his head in his hands."I need proof ,you can't expect me to believe someone who told me they are their long lost sister!",he said raising his voice a little.I reached into my zipped pocket and took out his birth cert and handing it to him.I saw him take it with his hands shaking while his eyes widened."What the!",he said quietly.I looked up to see tears in his eyes."M-my s-sis-ter",he whispered still shocked.I burst out crying "Yes Harry your sister",i whispered while crying.I looked around the room to see shocked faces with tears in their eyes."But this is impossible!!My parents!!",he said shocked."Anne yes she sends her love!",i said with my voice shaking.He scoffed,"Mm yeah i'm sure she does.."Harry she really misses u you know that right!",i said trying to get him to understand."Yeah well i don't give a damn alright!",he shouted while walking out of the room and slamming the door behind him.I felt hot tears running down my cheeks .Louis came and hugged while Liam stayed in his seat looking at me with hurt eyes.To be honest i didn't care.He hurt me now he knows what it feels like!He can't go playing with my heart.

Emelia can we tal-",he didn't get to finish.

"NO LIAM!LEAVE ME ALONE ALRIGHT",i cried and waled out of the room trying to find Harry.I found him lying on his bed with headphones in his ears."Harry i don't know what to do!",i cried hurt and confused.He looked at me with loving arms and nodded.He took off his headphones and opened his arms.I ran into them and he closed them around me.I felt safe and that i had a person who really cares how i feel.HE rn his hands through my hair while quietly whispering the lyrics to "Moments" in my ears.I felt myself being drifted of.Just before i fell asleep i hear him say

"I thought you would be mine differently,but now you are here to be cared for My sister Emelia Ambert.

While kissing my head.My hear warmed to hear him say them words.I knew i could rely on him.I just hope nothing ruins it.

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