Forever Young

Brooklyn Foreman, McKinlee Maison and Lily Austins are three best friends that moved to LA to pursue their dreams! These girls may do stupid things and may have many regrets. But overall they try to move on. Will having a fresh start and maybe even finding love help these girls stay forever young? Or will the past come back to haunt them?


5. Auditions with Austin? Meeting With Ollivanfer!

~McKinlee's P.O.V.~ The day has finally come. My audition day. After many classes, and many nauseating hours competing with that bitch from my classes, who's name I found out is Amanda, it is finally time for me to audition. I'm. So. Nervous. "Hello, Alicia. Umm, you said 7th floor in the auditorium?" I asked, making sure. "Yes, ma'am, that is correct." She smiled, giving me a small thumbs up. I returned the smile and slowly made my way towards the elevator. Taking slow, deep breaths I calmed my nerves down. "It's now or never." I sighed, pushing open the door that read Auditorium. I took a seat with the other hopefuls and waited. "Ok. Hello. I'm Jesse. Now it is nearly 2 o'clock and the auditions are about to take place in this room. So I would kindly ask for all of you to file out into the sitting room right outside and wait to be called to audition. I wish the best of luck for all of you. And thank you for coming." Explained a tall, brown haired male. I filed into the sitting room and waited my turn. Name after name was called. "Angelina Bell." "Katie Cole." "Dean Finnegan." "Marietta Kael." "Jamie Macmillan." And then... "McKinlee Maison." I inhaled and then exhaled, standing up and quickly making my way down to the stage. "Hello, Miss Maison." Said one of the three spectators in front of me. "Hi." I stumbled. "OK. So you will act out one of the scenes you have been given to look over. Whichever one you are most confident in performing. Please if the scene is longer than 5-7 minutes, just take a small portion of the scene to perform. When your 7 minutes is up a bell will ring signaling for you to stop." Informed, the middle, female spectator. I nodded, to show that I understood my instructions. "Which scene will you be performing?" Asked the third, male spectator. "Scene 57." I stated, confidently, receiving a few brow raises and a small grin of pleasure. "Excellent! I've been waiting on someone to do this particular scene." Grinned the female judge/spectator. I just smiled. "Ok. Austin!" Called someone back stage. You're on! "This is Austin. He's going to be the male in the scene you're about to perform." Stated the first male judge. I nodded again and turned to him. "Let's start here." I told Austin and he smiled and nodded. Closing my eyes for a few seconds, I drifted off into the mode of determination and confidence. "But Jenny! What do you mean? Are they... dead?" Gasped Austin. "Yes..." I croaked. "I... don't believe it." He murmured, shutting his eyes. "I walked into the room to see Her standing over them. I called for help. But no one came. And when the neighbors showed up they thought it was I who did it! But... They should know that I would never kill my parents!" I cried beginning to cry. "Oh. Jenny... I promise. I will not allow them to keep you locked up in this dreadful, jail cell!" "But there's no proof that She killed them and not me. They won't believe you. I'll be locked in here forever!" I cried even harder continuing to think of things that would make me cry. "I won't let them! I'll find proof. They can't take you away from me!" Austin yelled. "They can... And they will." I sobbed. "No. Jenny. I will find proof if it's the last thing that I do! I will try everything just to get back my everything, which is you!" Austin cried out as a tear fell from his eyes and he leaned in taking my face in his hands and slammed his lips on mine. It was a wet kiss. Because we both were actually crying. I don't know what overcame me, but I forgot all about the judges. About the other hopefuls outside. About everyone and everything except for me and this boy I just met. I don't know what it was, but it was more that acting. I could hear a faint noise, but neither one of us pulled away. A few seconds after the faint noise, I pulled away and looked into his eyes. I couldn't tell if what just happened was something to him or just another acting scene. But how could I try and figure out what it meant to Austin when I, myself didn't even know what it, for sure meant or how I really felt about it. Realizing that the faint noise I heard was the bell, I stood there, worried that points would be deducted. But the reaction of the judges made me feel a little better. All three of them stood up and applauded us. My cheeks burned red as they all beamed at me or us. I turned back to Austin, but all I could see was him walking away. Well, I guess that answer the question. Our kiss and our performance meant nothing to him so it should mean the same to me. "Thank you." I smiled and walked off the stage and out the auditorium door. I saw a small note on the notice bored that made my stomach turn a little. You will receive a phone call informing you if you have received a part, by this time next week. Thank you for auditioning. ~Lily's P.O.V.~. "Yes, your appointment is in Mr. Ollivanfer's office on floor 6." Martha sighed. "Thank you, Marcy!" I perked, excitedly. She rolled her eyes. I just love aggravating her. "Ding!" Sounded the elevator and the doors swung open. Walking down the long hallway I passed a few doors until the very last door at the end of the hallway, as I suspected, read Olivanfer Ronks. I knocked lightly on the door and a male voice answered 'Come in'. Pushing the door open. I saw a tall, tan skinned with light, slicked back hair man smile at me. "Hello, my dear! You must be Lily!" He beamed. "Yes, Sir." I smiled back. "Please, please have a seat." He motioned for one of the two chairs in front of him. I kindly took a seat and crossed my legs, turning my attention to him. "Now, my employees have found records of you and have informed me your essential details. But I would like to hear them from you." He said in a more business-like tone. "Well... I am 17. I know. I'm young, but I finished school early just so I could pursue my dream which is, modeling. I moved here just after graduation and I have been determined and straight forward from the start. Modeling is something I have wanted to do for a while." I explained. He just continued to smile. "And welcoming me into your business would make my dreams come true! And not only would I be so dedicated. I put all my focus into things and I would definitely do so in modeling. I believe I could potentially be a great factor for your company." I finished and he leaned back slightly in his chair and stared at me for a moment. "I think...." He started. "That you are exactly right." My smile grew wider and my face light up as I continued to listen to Mr. Ollivanfer. "A new, young, fresh face is exactly what this company needs and you, young lady, provide all those qualities. You're young, beautiful and we could really use someone like you on our team." He added. "Wow. This is such an honor!" I beamed. "So... I am pleased to welcome you to this business! You're really going to become and be known something, around the world!" He smiled. "Wow... I am so happy you see that in me! I will not let you down!" "Oh, I know you won't, Lily! Therefore, starting this July. We will begin the journey to success!" He finished. I shook his hand, excitedly and thanked him again. Beaming all the way back down the elevator, past Martha and into my car; I drove home more excited than ever! I cannot believe that in just a few months. I have a great possibility of being a world-known model. Nothing could phase my mood! Not even Mason.

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