One person can only go through so much pain until they have had enough and go insane well thats what happened to Madison Lopez. When she has a mental break down after her mom and dad die she is taken to a mental hospital where she meets A boy named Nicholas Harper he will change her life in ways you wouldn't expect a mental patient to.


1. Prologue


All the pain and the truth I wear like a battle wound So ashamed, so confused I was broken and bruised, NOW IM A WARRIOR. - Demi Lovato


Im a survivor.

I have been through so much to let go now.

You can't let the enemy break you down.

You were broken. Then unbroken. Now you're a Warrior.

I read the words in the front of my diary that I had written two months ago. I ran my fingers lightly over the neatly scribbled words on the page and memories of the last 3 years had pasted through my head. I looked down at my arm and saw the tiny scars and imediatly pulled down my sleeve and closed my book. Sometimes remembering what happened back then is just to much to handle. I have so many regerts from back then and i wish i could change them.



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