One Direction Imagines

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23. Zayn Imagine - Kaliyah


Your friend had won 2 VIP tickets to the greatest band in the world, One Direction.  She had decided to give you the other ticket so that both of you would enjoy the moment together.  "Kaliyah, let's meet up at 6:30 before the meet and greet," she texts.  You reply with a smiley-face and go to take a shower. As you strip off your clothes, you look at your wrist that has scars and touch it.  By your harsh touch, you flinch and remember how one of the members of 1D, Zayn, gave you a reason to smile, along with the other 4 members.  You enter the hot shower and start to think what would you say to Zayn.  The only thing you know is that you'll give him a collection of journal letters you wrote when you needed him.  You wrap a towel around your body and go back to your room.  You go to your drawers and decide to use a white tank and some black shorts.  You apply some foundation and let your hair straight,  You put on your beanie and cover your wrists with some bracelets.  You walk downstairs and go to the concert using your penny board.  As you wait for your friend to come, you sit down on your penny board and wait.  You plug in your head phones and start to listen to some 1D songs.  You start to play with your bracelets, making your scars visible.  Some 9 year old "fans" cross by and start to murmur things about you to their friends.  Your friend comes and you go to the arena.  *AT THE M&G*  You see so many people and you take a swift glance at the table.  Then you meet eyes with his caramel eyes.  He smiles at you and you blush and wave.  "Kaliyah, oh my god! Did he just smile at you!"  Your friend stops the  closest  moment you had with him.  "He  didn't," you say.  ***YOUR TURN*** "Hi," you say to the Irish boy, Niall.  "'Ello.  May we know your name?" his voice travels around the room, making other fans shout.  "I'm Kaliyah and she's F/N," you smile.  You look at your friend and she's talking to her favorite member, M/N.  After having conversations with the 4 other boys, it's your turn with Zayn.  "Hi love," his caramel eyes sparkle.  "Hi Zayn," you smile.  "Erm… I have this for you.  It's not important but here," you hand him the envelope.  "May I know what's it about?"  You gulp and start to get nervous, causing you to play with your bracelets.  He looks at your actions and sees your scars.  He stands up and start to hug you.  "Kaliyah, you're so strong.  Stay strong.  You're so beautiful and there's more in life," he whispers into your ear.  "I have thanks to you," you reply.  He lays a small kiss on your forehead and says, "Let's go talk outside." As he says that, some girls start to shout.  Flash from cameras are turned on.  "Zayn, are you asking her on a date?"  Louis says with his loud voice.  "Yeah.  She's so beautiful and deserves a good moment."  He smiles and talks a hold of your hand, and kisses it.   -Dani S.
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