One Direction Imagines

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8. For Cece: Niall

For Cece: Niall

Your birthday and anniversary with Niall is coming up, you go to every store and buy things that both have used in the relationship. Your gift idea is a big box filled with other boxes inside it. Every box will contain some items that you’ve experienced in the year together. In your case, you’ve been in a relationship with Niall for 6 years. The day has come and in the first box, you both have the book ‘How to Kill a Mockingbird,’ that’s your book you’ve read in the reading group at school. The second box has the deluxe edition of ‘Grease,’ which is his favorite movie and the first movie you both saw at a drive-thru. The third box has CDs of Bon Jovi. The fourth box has a small guitar figure with guitar picks. The fifth box has a gift card to Nandos. The sixth and final box has a picture of you both, it’s the first picture you ever had with him. Niall calls you and says if you can come to the park. “Hi pretty brown eyes, happy birthday! Let’s meet up in the park and celebrate,” he says, excited. You go home and get prepared. You go through every closet you have and find nothing to wear. You go to the final closet and see a dress. It’s beautiful. It has a note on it, it says “For my beautiful princess, I want you to look and feel beautiful, like you are.” You smile at the note and put on the dress. You look at the mirror and make your hair in a bun. Lastly, you look for shoes. There’s a small box in the closet. You open it and see a pair of shoes that match the dress. There’s another note on the top of the box. It says, “I want you to remember this moment forever. By the awesome taste of clothes I have and for my surprise.” You put them on and laugh at the note. You leave and you see Niall on the doorstep with roses on his arms. “This for you,” he smiled, before kissing your cheek and heading down to the car with you. He opens the door for you and you thanked him. “Safety first Cece,” he says, looking at the seatbelt. “Okay Mr. Horan,” you joke. “Fine with me,” he smirks. You arrive at the park and see everything set-up. The passage of trees to the lake was lighted by lanterns and neon bows. You smile and look at Niall, taking a Polaroid picture of your reaction. “Beautiful,” he smiles. You nod and hold his hand. You walk through the passage, your face with amazement. “Cece, I love you,” he says, while kissing you. “I love you too my Nialler,” you say, looking at his beautiful blue eyes. You continue walking and see the food set-up. There was the big cake, fruits, and chocolate. “You’re the expert in food,” you smile. “Okie dokie,” he holds his imaginary bow and you laugh. LATER ON: It gives quiet and there was a sigh of relievement of Niall. You look at him, as he gets down on his knees. He gets a box from his coat and tears a bit. “Cece, will you marry me?” he smiles. You kneel down and look at his blue eyes. “Of course,” you say, before you start to cry. “Don’t cry my Cece,” he says, before moving the strand of brown hair of yours, from blocking your view.

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