Will We Last Forever

Well This Is My First Fan Fiction EVER So Please No Hate

Emily Was Always Friend With Niall
They Were Like Brother And Sister
but will That Change?


1. Niall ?

Niall P.O.V

Me And Emily Been friend Since Kindergarten Were Like Brother And Sister Shee Been There For Me And I Been There For Her. She My Everything! My World.. My Life. I Always Had This Feeling For Her But Am Not Sure If She Feels The Same About Me... But Am Juss Scared If I Do Tell And She doesnt Fell the Same Way It Could Ruin Our Friendship! And What's The Hole Point She Has A Boyfriend His Name Is Diego. He Always Hurt Emily But She Still Love Hims. She Has A Big Heart! Everybody Wanted Me To Kick His Ass But Am Not A Fighter.... I Guess.

 Emily P.O.V

Me And Diego Broke Up 2 Min Ago. His Hand Print Is On my Cheek.. Damn! It Fucking Hurts! i Started To Sob Thinking What Have I Done He Fucking Abused Me Treated Me Like a Dog! If I Told Niall It Would Juss Be A Bigger Mess So I Juss Have to Keep it To My Self Then...  I Started To Drive To My Flat.

******************* At Home

Niall P.O.V 

hen I Went Down Stairs I Heard The Door Unlock " Niall Am Home!" I Recognized That Beautiful Voice. She Came Into The Kitchen And Started Cooking. "Hey?"

"What Niall" She Said "Wheres My Hug?" I Made Puppy Eyes "Awe Nialler I Couldn't Forget Ur Hug" When She Hugged Me I Could Feel Something Was Wrong... How? When She Happy Her Hugs Were Passionate But This Is One Hugg Feel Like She Was Keeping A Secret From Me.... Wait. Is That A Hand Print On Her Cheek. As She Broke The Hug I Asked her What Happend To Her Cheek She Started To Break Down. "Emily Did Diego Do That?" She Nodded Yes. I Should Of Know.. Diego Just Hurts Her All The Time And Uses Her For Sex!

Emily P.O.V 

I Needed To Tell Someone, I Couldn't Hold it Any Longer It Hurts Like A Bitch! As Niall Stood Up I Grabed His Hand And Whisper "Please Don't do it..Please". You Can tell a Tear Slipped Out of His Eye.Then He Whisper Back "U Don't Deserve This U Need A Real Man"


Am A Bad Writter huh? .__\ 

What Will Niall Do Next?

Does Emily Deserve A Real man?

o.o Peace Loves And 
Rubber Gloves 

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