Being Payzer's Daughter

Hi! My name is Taylor Payne. Yes, I am Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer's daughter. Every one calls me TJ cause my middle name is Joannah. We live a few houses down from Louis Eleanor, and Harry, and Harry's son; Alex, and Louis and Eleanor's son; Lucas. I have seven siblings and my mom is overly pregnant. We moved to the USA when I was born so my siblings and I have American accents with a little British, but you can hear it. Most people think it's sounds really cool. I don't know, I guess it is. Well hope you like this, it's my crazy life.


7. Chapter 6



I kept playing with ZJ's hair as we walked to the park.


"Your gonna mess up my quiff." ZJ complained.


"Calm down, beauty queen." I rolled my eyes. I took two of my fingers and fix his quiff.


"What's up with all those people at the park?" Camilla asked. There were a bunch of trucks and stuff there.


"Looks like their working on it." I sighed.


"Well let's go hang out at the school." Dinah suggested.


"That works." Lucas nodded. So we walked to the elementary school and ZJ took me off his shoulders. Alex and Lucas put Dinah and Camilla down and walked over to Alex and hugged him. 


"Awww!" Camilla squealed.


"I agree, you guys are adorable." Dinah smiled.


"I know right?" Alex laughed.


"Yup. Definitely cuter then her ex-boyfriends..." Dinah trailed off. 


"Your dating one of my ex-boyfriends." I laughed.


"Well, besides James." She stated.


"When did you date James?" Lucas asked.


"Fourth to sixth grade." I said as he nodded.


"So what's your ship name?" Camilla asked.


"I don't know." I shrugged. She took out her phone and tapped the screen a few times.


"Talex!" she smiled. "That's your ship name."


"So what are you guys doing later?" Dinah asked.


"I don't know." i shrugged.


"My dad texted us said he wants us back at your place." Alex looked at me.


"Okay, let's go." I smiled. "But this time I wanna sit on your shoulders." I looked at him.


"Fine..." He sighed and put me on his shoulders.


*Skip walk back*


When we got to my house Alex dropped me on the couch, picked me up, sat down, and put me in his lap. Harry walked in with a girl curly hair, the color a rosewood violet. She had sparkling green eyes like Harry's. I wonder why Alex had blue eyes and not green like his dad? Maybe he had his moms eyes.


"Who's that?" Evan asked, him and Aidan bouncing around the living room like a rabbit and a kangaroo put together.


"Uh, this is my daughter..." Harry scratched the back of his neck.


"WHAT?!" Alex yelled. Evan and Aidan stopped immediately when they heard Alex yell like that.


"Well your mom kept her a secret from me, us. And now she's here." Harry said trying to look anywhere but Alex's eyes.


"Who even is my mom?" Alex asked. I knew he wanted to stand up so I tried to move but he held me in place.


"Taylor Swift..." Harry said in barely a whisper.


"W-what?" Alex's jaw dropped. I took my hand and put it back in place.


"You heard me." Harry looked at him. "Just get to know her. And be nice." My dad, Louis, Zayn, and Niall pulled Harry out before he said anything else. Lucas, ZJ, Camilla, and Dinah came in and sat down.


"So what's your name?" ZJ asked.


"Lexi." She smiled a bit, standing there awkwardly.


"You can sit down if you want." I said pointing to an empty spot in between ZJ and Lucas on the couch. "I'm TJ."


"Hi..." She smiled sitting down.


"How old are you?" Lucas asked.


"17" Lexi answered. Alex was just studying her, like she was some kind of project.


"This is Alex. Sorry he's still in shock, I think." I smiled to her. "That's ZJ, Lucas, Dinah, and Camilla." I said pointing to every one as I said their names.


"HIIIIIIIIII!" Lucas yelled extending the 'i'.


"Hi!" She smiled.


"Why doesn't Alex have green eyes, like you and Harry?" ZJ asked her.


"Um.. I don't know..." Lexi giggled.


"Did you not hear who his dad said his mom was?" I looked at ZJ. He shook his head. "Taylor. Swift."


"But I thought his dad hated her...?" ZJ looked so confused.


"Can we stop talking about her." Alex snapped. Every one went silent.


"ALEX WHY ARE YOU MAD?!" Aidan screamed.


"Evan, Aidan. Why don't you go help mommy paint the baby's room." I smiled. They nodded and ran upstairs.


"So are you like moving in with us?" Alex asked.


"Um, I'm not sure. My mom never said anything about it." Lexi said trying not to look him in the eyes, like she was scared of him or something. After a while we got to know her and Alex stopped being so..... Alex? He warmed up to the idea of having an older sister. After a while his dad said it was time for them to go home.


"alright, I'll see you tomorrow?" I smiled.


"Yes, you will when you wake up." He smiled. He picked me up and walked into the kitchen. My dad was there doing something on his laptop.


"What are doing?" I asked my dad.


"A twit cam." He said in a duh tone.


"Well, Mr.Payne, I am taking your daughter home with me." Alex stated.


"What?" Me and my dad asked him at the same time.


"Just let her go, Liam. Their not gonna do anything, Lexi is gonna be there." My mom said stepping in.


"Alright, go ahead." My dad waved us off and I spent the night at Alex's house. But nothing happened you little perverts.



Ha I called you little perverts xD THERE YOU ARE MISS LEXI, YOU ARE NOW IN THE STORY! Happy Birthday :3

BYE BYE! Love yous.


~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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