Being Payzer's Daughter

Hi! My name is Taylor Payne. Yes, I am Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer's daughter. Every one calls me TJ cause my middle name is Joannah. We live a few houses down from Louis Eleanor, and Harry, and Harry's son; Alex, and Louis and Eleanor's son; Lucas. I have seven siblings and my mom is overly pregnant. We moved to the USA when I was born so my siblings and I have American accents with a little British, but you can hear it. Most people think it's sounds really cool. I don't know, I guess it is. Well hope you like this, it's my crazy life.


3. Chapter 2



I woke up to the smell of Alex's cologne. I sat up and him and I were the only ones in the living room. He was asleep. I poked his face and he opened his eyes.


"What?" He asked in his raspy morning voice. It sounded really sexy.


"Wake up." I giggled.


"I am up, no thanks to you." He said.


"I know." I smiled wide.


"I'm hungry." He complained.


"Then eat something." I rolled my eyes checking twitter. Then he looked at me and smirked. "Your disgusting." I laughed smacking his arm.


"Please, you know you like the attention."


"No, but I do know you like to give me the attention."


"Now, that is true." He said moving closer to me. "But it's only cause your so damn irresistible."


"Well, how come your the only one of the boys who wants to get in my pants?" I asked. He didn't say anything. He held my chin. Then he kissed me. His lips were soft. I kissed him back, but I couldn't tell you why. He moved his hands to my waist and pulled me closer. Then we were interrupted by some one clearing their throat. We looked up and ZJ was standing there. 


"Am I interrupting something?" He asked cocking an eyebrow.


"Yeah you are." Alex said.


"No you aren't." I said getting up and walking into the kitchen.


"Good, your up!" My dad smiled. "What do you want for breakfast?"


"Anything." I shrugged.


"To get the taste of Alex out of your mouth." ZJ laughed.


"What?!" My dad asked turning from the fridge. He looked like he was about to have a heart attack.


"Nothing, Mr.Payne." ZJ shook his head.


"Alright.." He said calming down a bit. I ate breakfast and Lucas walked in the kitchen as my dad walked out.


"Yo, Lucas guess what I walked in on?" ZJ asked with a huge smile.


"Oooo! What? What is it?!" Lucas jumped up and down like a child.


"ALEX...." He paused. "AND...." He paused again. "TJ..." He paused AGAIN.


"Alex and TJ doing what?!" Lucas asked eagerly.


"Making out." ZJ blurted out.


"TAYLOR JOHANNAH PAYNE!" Lucas screeched at me. "Girl, what is wrong with you?! I mean I know he's all like into you, he talks about you non-stop. But come on! You can do so much better! I mean look at you...." He sounded so gay.


"Don't full name me! And what do you mean he talks about me non-stop?" I asked.


"He's totally into you. He won't shut up about you!" Lucas rolled his eyes.


"Yeah, sometimes it gets really annoying." ZJ said. I got up and put my plate in the sink.


"Alright, I gotta agree with him though, that ass is like amazing." Lucas said rather loud.


"Why are you talking about my baby sisters ass?" Josh asked walking in.


"It's Alex's fault! She's all he ever talks about.." Lucas crossed his arms.


"Why?" Josh asked.


"Cause he likes her." Lucas said in a duh tone.


"Stupid ass." I mumbled shaking my head.


"Shut up!" Josh yelled at me.  "So why are you guys even talking about this anyway?"


"Because I saw.." ZJ started. He looked at me and I shook my head no.


"You saw what?"


"Nothing!" ZJ screamed.


"You saw nothing so your talking about TJ's ass?" Josh asked.


"Yup, pretty much." ZJ smiled wide.


These people are so weird..



Heyyyooo!!! Here's the second chapter! I know it's short just like the first one. But yea. SORRY. I love you! Goodbye.


~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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