Being Payzer's Daughter

Hi! My name is Taylor Payne. Yes, I am Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer's daughter. Every one calls me TJ cause my middle name is Joannah. We live a few houses down from Louis Eleanor, and Harry, and Harry's son; Alex, and Louis and Eleanor's son; Lucas. I have seven siblings and my mom is overly pregnant. We moved to the USA when I was born so my siblings and I have American accents with a little British, but you can hear it. Most people think it's sounds really cool. I don't know, I guess it is. Well hope you like this, it's my crazy life.


2. Chapter 1

Taylor's POV


"TEEEEEEEE JAAAAAAAY!!!!" I heard Mickey yell. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen where he was.


"What?" I asked.


"Mom wants you." He said bluntly "She's in the living room."


"Okay." I sighed and went to the living room. "Mickey said you needed me?" I asked my mom standing in the door way.


"Oh, yes. So for the baby's walls what do you think? Aqua blue or light blue?" She asked me holding up two sample cards.


"Mom, they look exactly the same." I raised an eyebrow at her.


"Well they'll come out different on the white walls."


"Why don't you put a little of each color on the wall then pick which one looks better?" I asked.


"Oh.. I didn't think of that. That sounds like a great idea!" She smiled and walked upstairs. I was about to do the same when the doorbell rang. I walked to the front door and opened it. Eleanor, Perrie, Zayn, Louis, Harry, Niall, ZJ, Lucas and Alex were there. I wonder where Camilla and Dinah were.


"Hey,TJ! Is your dad home?" Louis asked with a smile.


"Uh, yeah he's in his study.." I said and with that him, Niall, Zayn and Harry ran past me screaming my dad's name.


"Where's you mom?" Perrie asked.


"Painting Kyle's room." I moved so they could walked by me.


"Are you guys coming in or you just gonna stand there all night?" I asked. They walked in and Lucas and ZJ went to the kitchen, Alex stood behind me and grabbed my ass. "Alex!" I smacked his hands.


"Sorry, can't help it." He winked before walking into the kitchen too. I shut the door and followed him in there. I stood in between ZJ and Lucas. ZJ rested his elbow on my shoulder. Did I not mention I'm pretty short? Well I am. My parents are tall, my siblings are tall. I'm short. Josh and Mickey were spraying each other with whipped cream.


"You guys are crazy." I shook my head laughing.


"Where do you think you get your crazy from?!" Mickey asked filling his mouth with whipped cream.


"Plus, your crazier then any one in this house!" Josh giggled.


"What ever." I rolled my eyes.


We spent the rest of the night watching movies and eating popcorn. I fell asleep cuddled into Alex's side.



OHH HEY GUUUUURL. So here you are, like I promised (: Well sorry the chapter is short. I'm tired it's early in the morning. Well love you guys! Gonna go to shleep now!


~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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