This is the story of a girl who's known to be one of the most dangerous kidnapper. What happens when she kidnaps a boy who's far off her league?


4. How Ya' Doin?

Perrie's POV: Today's the day. It's Friday. We all slipped on our outfits and masks so no one sees our face. "Alright girls. We been rehearsing all week for this."Leigh Anne said. "Let's make this happen."Jade smirked. We got into our red cars (as seen in the video DNA) and we drove out to the Twister. It was packed in there, that's what we needed. We parked out back and gave glances before walking in. We removed our masks looking around for any sign of Zayn. "Guys! I see him! He's dancing with that girl."Jesy said pointing toward him. Leigh Anne and Jade went over to the security guards. 

Leigh Anne's POV: "Help us please!"Jade begged the security guard. "Ma'am is something wrong?"He asked worried. "Yes our car won't start. I thought someone so buff and beautiful like you two would be smart enough to see the problem."I smiled running my hand up and down his arm. He smirked. "I'm sure Zayn would be fine for a couple minutes."He remarked following us. I gave Perrie and Jesy and thumbs up Jesy went in to Zayn to distract him. 

Jesy's POV: "Alright Perrie. I'll text you when I get Zayn in to the bathroom or if he is going to take it that far, I guess the sex room."I sighed walking toward Zayn. This better work. I walked over to him and smiled. He smiled back and the other girl was losing hope of gaining Zayn's respect so she left. To bad she never will. "Wanna dance?"I asked smirking trying to act as sexy as possible. "Of course I do."He remarked pulling me out to the dance floor. We danced for a while. Perrie was leaning against the wall. Waiting for my text. "Alright Jesy I have to use the men's room. Hold on a sec will ya?"He asked. I nodded and texted Perrie. I slipped on my mask and waited by the exiting

Perrie's POV: I slipped on my mask and walked in to the men's room. It was kind of awkward. Not to mention completely disgusting. I locked the door so no one else could come in. There were a few other men in there. They all like if it was on Que came out and gasped when they saw me. I had to think quickly. Before Zayn came out. So I knocked them all out. Like I said earlier in the week. Physical violence is always being used. Zayn walked out and stopped dead in his tracks and stared at me. "Uh this is a men's room."He assured me. "I know and I need to talk to you about something important."I lied. "Ugh maybe later. I have a girl waiting for me. I need to get back to her."He said trying to leave. "I know you are. She's just waiting on me so we all can leave."I smirked. "Wait what?"He asked. "Your old friend Liam."I said changing back to the original topic. "He went missing over 5 months ago. Why are you bringing him up?"He asked raising an eyebrow. "I know where he is."I snapped. His eyes widened. "You do? Where is he?"He asked. "If you come with me then I can take you to him."I smirked. He thought for a moment. "Alright take me to him."He said. I have him now. I took his hand and walked with him out of the club. Jesy was still there smirking and walked out with us. "What is going on?"He asked. "Sh don't talk."Jesy said shushing him. "Miss there's nothing wrong with your car."The guard assured Leigh Anne. Jesy grabbed Zayn, pulling him down in a lock. Her hand was covering his mouth. I pulled the rope from the trunk wrapping Zayn up. I took out the duck tape and taped his mouth shut. I threw him in the passenger of my car and the guards looked up and immediately came to attack. I looked at Jesy, Jade and Leigh Anne. We all attacked back. I kicked the guard in the face and Jade pushed him to the ground. She knocked him out cold. Jesy and Leigh quickly knocked out the other one and we pulled them over to a tree. Police sirens flashed. "My job."She smirked running in to the car. I got in to the car with Zayn and waited for Jesy to get the police to follow her. That happened fast. I drove off in to the direction of the house with Leigh Anne in the back. Jade was running on roof tops again. We arrived back at the house pulling Zayn out of the car. He twisted and turned as Leigh Anne and I carried him in. We walked down to the cellar. I removed his duck tape. "You want to see your Liam friend? Here he is."I smirked unlocking the door throwing him. I shut the door behind me and untied him. He looked directly at Liam and gasped. "They got you?"Liam asked. Zayn nodded. "Zayn this is your new home. Hope you like it."Leigh Anne smirked before we shut and locked the door. 







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