This is the story of a girl who's known to be one of the most dangerous kidnapper. What happens when she kidnaps a boy who's far off her league?


7. Case Closed

Jesy's POV: I've been thinking about trying a way to draw some heat off from Zayn. Maybe we should kidnap someone else. So I've been looking at birth records. I looked through until I found someone that caught my eye. He wasn't as special as Zayn was but he certainly was special. George Shelley, from that local towns band, Union J. I definitely want to get my hands on him. "Girls, we have another mission."I smirked. They all looked at me. "Seriously? After we just got Zayn?"Jade asked. "Well I figured it would take some heat off Zayn."I said. Perrie looked up at me. "Jesy I don't know. I mean they're going to think it's a pattern."She told me. I rolled my eyes at her. Even though she has a point. "Perrie wait. It's a good idea because then they focus so much on Zayn."Leigh said. She sighed and soon agreed. "OK I'll start spying."Jade said walking out the door. "I'll find facts."Leigh smiled. "Ill get to the board."Perrie said turning on the fact board.

Jade's POV: I like spying this time. It wasn't as hard as with Zayn. For one thing, he wasn't surrounded by guards. I followed him along the sidewalk, blending in with everyone as much as I could. He likes to hang around Hyde Park. Good information. Then I overheard two officers talking. "Yea anymore info about Zayn Malik? Patricia is very worried."One of them spoke. "No but I'm keeping guard of Hyde park for Union J for the fall mixer this week. Hopefully nothing happens here."The other one answered. So maybe that's why he was here. I sighed and turned around when I dropped my phone by the officer. I quickly walked and grabbed it. "Sorry."I apologized. They looked at me and one gasped. "T-that's the spy."He assured the one. My eyes widened. I couldn't go back to prison. I took my phone and sped off. I ran as fast as I could and went for cover. This wasn't going to well for me. I was hiding in a club. Lots of strippers and men cheering for them. I walked out the back door and ran back to the house. I opened the door and all three looked at me. "Yea uh we can't get George for a while."I assured them. Jesy looked puzzled. "Why what happened?"She asked. "Two officers recognized me."I told them. "But you kept your jacket on."Leigh said. "I knew this was a bad idea."Perrie mumbled. Jesy turned her head slightly at her and huffed a sigh of anger. "Well did you at least find anything?"Leigh asked. "Only that they're performing at Hyde park this week for the fall mixer."I informed them. Leigh Anne nodded and Perrie wrote it down. "I'm going to go check on the boys."Perrie said putting the pen down. I took off my jacket and went into the changing room and changed back into regular clothes.I came back out and sat down and watched Leigh and Jesy find info on George.

Perrie's POV: It was a mistake for Jesy to send Jade out and spy. She could of been arrested. I unlocked the door and the men were all sitting at the table eating the food I set out. I don't know why but I've been feeling something when it came to Zayn. He probably doesn't like me because I kidnapped him and all, but ugh I don't know how to explain my words correctly. "Hi boys."I smiled. "Hi Perrie!"They all cheered. I looked over at Liam and Zayn's seats. Where were they? I shut the door and walked around the apartment. "Hey Ni where's Liam and Zayn?"I asked Niall. He shrugged his shoulders. I looked over at Harry who looked another direction. "Harry?"I asked. He sighed. "Alright fine! They escaped through the door when you walked in."He sighed. Anger boiled in my blood. Forget what I said about my feelings for Zayn. He's a dead man. I slammed the door, locking it and I bursted up to the lair. I looked at the girls. "What?"Jesy asked. "Liam and Zayn escaped."I growled. I heard foot steps upstairs and I ran up the stairs with the girls hot on my tail. I slammed open the door and Liam and Zayn were trying to get the front door open. Boys are idiots. They were supposed to pull the door open. Jesy grabbed Liam and I grabbed Zayn. We threw them down on the couch and I glared at them both. "How. Dare. You."I started. Liam and Zayn were wide eyed. Zayn looked scared over all. "IT WASN'T MY FAULT!! IT WAS LIAM'S!! PLEASE PERRIE DON'T HURT ME!"Zayn pleaded. I calmed down a little. Now it was Liam who was just scared as hell. "Jesy take Liam downstairs and give him his punishment."I said. She nodded and grabbed Liam by his neck walking him down to the room. Whenever a boy tries to escape, we have a room we lock them in. It's all just a cement room with a cot and bread and water. They get let out eventually. After they live a full week in there. Usually when Jesy takes them down, she slaps them in the face. It's why she's in charge of it. She scares the hell out of those men. Jade and Leigh Anne followed her back down and it was just me and Zayn. "Zayn when I say you can't leave. I mean it."I told him. He nodded and I sat down next to him. "I'm sorry that it has to be this way but you'll get used to it."I told him. I took him back downstairs and put him back in to the cellar. I sighed. I'll deal with Liam tomorrow.

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