Lay Your Burden Down (One Direction)

A depressed teenager named Paisley has had a rough couple of years. She finds out she has a cousin, will he be the one to guide her to happiness? Will her crush result in heartbreak or a fairytale. Read more to find out.


3. Chapter 3

Paisleys POV

So Paige just left to go eat dinner and told me my moms long lost brother and his son were coming to stay here for a little bit? Hopefully me and my cousin are the same age then maybe I can set up him and Paige so she can finally shut up about being single.  I'M A FREAKING AWESOME MATCH MAKER!

I look over at my clock and see that its already 6:30, my mom is usually home by now.  Even though my parents pay me no attention I still love them and are concerned for their well being.  I go into panic mode and quickly find my phone to call my mom.

After three rings she picks up, "Hello, Mom? You should've been home an hour ago!" I said to her in my voice laced with worry.  "Oh right, sorry I didn't call you but I'm picking up your cousin and uncle up at the airport right now.  Since I wont be home for another hour could you please clean the house and cook some dinner? Thanks, love you, bye!", my mother quickly said and hung up without giving me a chance to respond.

Well I better start cleaning and cooking since I only have an hour.   I plug my phone up to the docking station and blast all of one directions music. I rummage through the cabinets and pull out the ingredients needed for fettuccine Alfredo.   I put the noodles in a pot to boil and I quickly make my way into the living room and tidied everything up.  I pranced over to where the noodles were and saw they were done so I heated up the Alfredo sauce, drained the noodles and then combined the two.

Looking over toward the clock on the stove I saw that it was now 7:45 and my mom was going to be here anytime.  I bolted upstairs to my tiny bedroom and quickly got changed into something more appropriate for having guest over.  Seeing as everything is finished and no one is home I decided to have a dance party by myself cause im cool like that.  Here I am now dancing in the living room to She's not afraid waiting for my mom to call, instead she walks into the house with no one other than freaking Niall Horan.

I quickly shut off the music and freeze like a statue hoping no one actually heard the music or saw my horrific dancing.  With my luck they did and lets just say I seriously thought Niall was going to faint from laughing too hard.



Niall's POV



I was just sitting on the couch, having a nice conversation with my dad.  We were catching up on everything seeing that I had a 6 week break from touring.  All of a sudden I see my dads features change from happiness to nervousness.

"So Niall? Remember my sister I told you about?" he asked and I nodded my head, signaling for him to continue.  "Well, anyways she lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and she wanted to know if we wanted to visit.  I told her I just had to check with you first.  Don't worry, she doesn't know who you are, but I'm pretty sure she's heard of your band.  Anyways what I'm trying to say is that I know you just got home and all but I cant do this alone so will you please go with me? "  I chuckled at my dad for being so nervous about asking me.  "yeah dad, I would love to go! when are we leaving?" I asked, he told me tomorrow so i raced up stairs to pack.

*A long flight later*

My dad was searching the airport for his sister, my aunt, while I was trying to avoid being noticed.  All of a sudden I am being pulled to a woman who looks to be in her 40's.  She told me that her name was Marie and that she has a daughter my age named Paisley.  I told her about me and what I do and all of a sudden a smirk appears on her face.  Aunt Marie then quickly leads us to the car and speeds off from the airport.

While dad and Marie were talking I started wondering about my cousin, I sure hope she's funny and has cute friends.  I get lonely and I haven't had a relationship in 3 years!  I was torn from my thoughts whenever I was notified that we were at her house, my home for the next couple of weeks.

All of a sudden I hear one of my songs, and I turn a corner to see whom I'm guessing is my cousin dancing like a retard.  I nearly piss myself from laughing at the sight! She quickly shuts off the music and acts like a statue, clearly embarrassed by her dancing and shocked to see I'm her cousin. All I have to say is this is going to be a fun trip.



(A/N:  so Niall is paisleys cousin!  I'm not sure if this is longer then the other chapters but oh well.  its a pretty crappy chapter but the story is going to get interesting really soon.  Is Niall going to get a girlfriend?  Is paisley going to get along with Niall?  thanks for reading this, let me know what you think!  sorry for any mistakes! Follow me if you wanna, love you!)  *take_your_records*

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