Lay Your Burden Down (One Direction)

A depressed teenager named Paisley has had a rough couple of years. She finds out she has a cousin, will he be the one to guide her to happiness? Will her crush result in heartbreak or a fairytale. Read more to find out.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2:


I'm being chased, I can't find my way out.  The place is closing in and my air supply is running out. I always wanted to die but not this way.  I wanted my death to be quick. Silence is all I hear...  *beep* *beep* I jumped out of bed covered in sweat.  "thank God it was just a dream." I mumbled to myself.  Seeing that I have school today I jumped in the shower to relax my tensed muscles and wash all the griminess off my body.  After the quick, yet relaxing shower I dried my hair and kept it in its natural waves if that's what you want to call it. I slipped on my favorite hoodie, pink toms and black skinny jeans. I quickly went down stairs successfully without tripping, I ran past the kitchen skipping breakfast.  I don't want to gain more weight.  I jogged across the street and hopped into Paige's car and we sped off to school.  Walking inside of the school I kept my head down and tried to ignore the comments about my weight and appearance.  This was an everyday thing, you get used to it but it still hurts.  My classes were hell and went on for what seemed like eternity when in reality they were just 90 minutes.  Once school ended I sprinted to the car just wanting to get home so I can just play guitar and get away.  As I opened the door I spotted a card  with my name on it.  Me being the curious person I am I opened it. Inside the card it read:

Dear Paisley,  I have practice today so you'll just have to wait in the car for a little bit or whatever.  I know life has been rough but I'll always be here for you. You just need to get away for a little bit. Are you up for a little vacation? I'm not taking no for an answer, we leave for South Carolina in 3 months. We are going to the beach and then guess what...... A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!!  We have floor seats in the 3rd row. Welp I love you.  Love always, Paige.


I started screaming my head off.  This can't be happening. Part of my dream is becoming reality! This made my life, holy crap I can't breathe.  I'm being dead serious when I say I think I'm going to pass out.  Maybe I should sit down. Nope not helping. Everything went black.


I woke up and I was in my room with Paige.  Once she noticed I was awake she just busted out laughing.  " I cant believe you passed out, I'm sorry but that was hilarious how I found you! I know your okay because I know how excited you can get." she said trying to catch her breath.  "umm I just wasn't feeling well so that's why, it must have been from me holding my breath all day.." I stated trying to lie.  "Do you smell that?" Paige asked, "no..?" I said a little confused.  "It smells like.... BULLSHIT!" she said keeping a straight face.  Within seconds the room was filled with giggles and snorts.  I don't think I've laughed this hard in a while.  What the hell is wrong with me?  My confused thoughts were broken by Paige saying she had to go and that my mom told her to tell me her long lost brother and his family are coming to stay here for a month.


(A/N: I think that was a little bit longer then before.  Hmm who is Paisley's cousin? Dunn Dun Dunn.  Is Paisley on the road to happiness? Let me know what you think in the comments.  like, favorite, comment!) *take_your_records*

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