Lay Your Burden Down (One Direction)

A depressed teenager named Paisley has had a rough couple of years. She finds out she has a cousin, will he be the one to guide her to happiness? Will her crush result in heartbreak or a fairytale. Read more to find out.


14. Chapter 14

Paisley's POV



2 weeks have past and I've never been better.  I've grown closer with each of the boys.  With Liam we both turn into little Disney freaks but we both can hold a mature conversation, I go to him when I'm feeling down and everyone wont shut up.  With Zayn we both draw anything random, most of them are cartoons.  We are for each other when we both need a very chill day.  As for Harry, we both just talk about random things.  We both are obsessed with vine and instagram which is a small world.  With Niall its just the cousin bond we share but we have learned more about each other, especially being able to just look at each other and know if something is up.  Lastly there is Louis.  I cant help but blush whenever his name is mentioned.  The past couple of weeks we have learned a lot about each other.  We have a lot of similarities like our random outburst and our sarcastic attitudes.  We both know how to take a joke and have a passion for music.  Of course only my passion is secretive and only Paige heard me sing briefly.  Hopefully no one will ever know.


Anyways the tour has been going great.  Just watching my them all on stage is a thrill for Paige and I.  Thinking about everything from my depression to how much Louis has helped made me realize that I'm falling for Louis Tomlinson.  I know he likes me and all but I haven't told him my feelings.  In a way I feel like a rebound from Eleanor but at the same time I feel like we actually have that 'cliché connection'.


I really need to tell him about my feelings, he deserves to know how I feel about him especially since he told me what his feelings towards me are.  I go to all the hotel rooms knocking on the doors to find that Louis isn't in any of them.  I walk downstairs and out of the hotel towards the tour buses.  Maybe he is just playing PlayStation.  I walk onto their bus and immediately regret it, there in front of me is a shirtless Louis and Eleanor kissing.  My heart broke into and a small gasp escaped my lips.  The two parted from each other and Louis just looked at me with sympathetic eyes and called out my name but I just ran out.


I managed to make it in the hotel to Paige's without crying.  Once I reached her door I knocked several times before she answered, I didn't give her time to ask any questions because I quickly pushed her aside and locked the door before just losing it.


"Who the fuck do I need to strangle?" was the first question to escape Paige's mouth.  I explained to her that I finally discovered my feelings for Louis so I went to tell him but I found him and Eleanor having lip sex on the tour bus couch.   Paige jumped to her feet after hearing what she needed to, I knew she was probably going to bitch slap Louis and go tell Niall everything.


All of a sudden I hear Paige scream "you're a fucking dick" and a worried Niall rushing into the room with me.  He said nothing but just sat there and hugged me.  He told me everything is going to be alright,  last time I was told that I was jumped the next day.









I feel like a horrible best friend but I cant help who I love.  Yes I'm in love with Paisley and I might've sorta called Eleanor to help me win her.  Eleanor and I made up a plan and feelings are going to be hurt but a man' gotta do what a man's gotta do.  Basically Eleanor is going to force a kiss upon Louis the second Paisley walks into the room that he will be in.  I don't know I just hope this goes as planed.






(A/N: short and crappy chapter I know:( anyway watcha think?  Woah i threw in a Zayn POV.  So he loves Paisley.  Poor Paisley, she keeps getting hurt.  What do you think is going to happen next? Let me know. Also, only one spot is left to be one of the boys girlfriends! Love ya!) *take_your_records*








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