Lay Your Burden Down (One Direction)

A depressed teenager named Paisley has had a rough couple of years. She finds out she has a cousin, will he be the one to guide her to happiness? Will her crush result in heartbreak or a fairytale. Read more to find out.


13. Chapter 13

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Niall's POV



All of us are extremely tired.  Paisley was up and down all night with nightmares,  it breaks my heart to see my cousin in this horrid state.  Louis was the only one who was able to calm her down, all of us tried but had no success.  I can tell this is going to be a lazy day for everyone.


Paisley really needs to get out of town and I don't want to send her and Paige off to London without me being there so I need to call management and ask if the can go with us on the remaining month of tour.  I began dialing management as soon as I stepped out of the room.   "Hello Dave? Its Niall, I have a serious question.", "oh hi, and what might that be?" Dave retorted.  "Well before you say no hear me out.  So I found out that I have another cousin.  The thing is, is that she is bullied and her mother pays no attention to her.  All she has is a best friend.  I'm helping them get an apartment in London but I don't want her and her friend go there without me so I was wondering if they could come with us on the remainder of tour?"  I said all of this in one breath.  There was a long pause before Dave spoke, "seeing the circumstances and all, they both can come on tour as long as you deal with the sleeping arrangements.  Also we need to tell the media about her being your cousin in a few weeks, deal?"  I told him we had a deal and hung up.


Now I just have to talk to Paige then get her to help with Paisley.  I walked back into the living room and told Paige I needed to speak with her.  I explained everything and she was more then happy to come live in London and go on tour with us.  I decided to let Paisley sleep seeing that she probably had the worst night along with Lou. 

A few hours past and Louis and Paisley finally woke up, I made them both a cup of tea and let them wake up before telling them the news.  "Paisley, I have a proposition for you."  I spoke to her in which she just raised an eyebrow. "So with all that has been going on and now that you have graduated I was wondering if you wanted to move to London and live in the same building as me and the boys.  Paige already agreed and you both would share your own flat. Also would you like to go on tour with us for the next month and leave to London after if you wanted to?"  She said nothing she just tackled to the ground before screaming yes.  Someone feels a lot better. Now that I got that settled I'm in a huge need of a nap.






Louis POV



I'm exhausted.  I stayed up longer then anyone else because every time Paisley awoke from a nightmare I was the only one able to calm her down.  Around 5 in the morning is when we both slept the longest the whole night.  I woke up about 20 minutes before Paisley did.  I probably sound like a creep when I say that a studied her face for a while.  I noticed she has a small mole along her jaw line,  little freckles sprinkled around he nose and cheeks.  I saw she has a nose ring, it suits her well, I wonder what other piercings she has.  Her full pink lips were parted as small snores escaped her mouth.  I cant help to think how perfect she is. 


My thoughts were cut short when I heard a small voice tell me to quit staring at her.  I just blushed, which I never do.  We both laid there in silence for about 5 minutes before agreeing to go down stairs.  Before we walked out of her room she wrapped her arms around me and mumbled a thank you, I just kissed her forehead before we both went downstairs. 


Once we both woke up a little bit Niall invited her to live in London and go on tour.  He said he already asked management and she would live in the same building.  Now my chances of us being together are a lot higher.  Paisley was obviously excited because she squealed and tackled Niall to the ground which made everyone laugh.  This should be a funny day, hopefully I can see the brighter side of Paisley all day. 






(A/N:  SO SORRY FOR THE HORRIBLE CHAPTER.  anyways there should be a longer and more dramatic or gushy chapter tomorrow!  So there is only one spot left for anyone to be the boys girl friends.  You wont know who you will be with until you read the story so it will be a surprise!  You will either have your own book or be in this one, could be both.  The two winners are Kemi and Diamond! There is only one spot left.  Remember to comment your name, age, description of yourself and preferred boy.  Tell me what you think! Love ya!) *take_your_records*







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