Lay Your Burden Down (One Direction)

A depressed teenager named Paisley has had a rough couple of years. She finds out she has a cousin, will he be the one to guide her to happiness? Will her crush result in heartbreak or a fairytale. Read more to find out.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter One:

I watched the raindrops have a race down my window.  I'm hiding in my room, hoping to escape reality.  Like usual I'm blocking the whole world out, its a habit of mine.  I've got walls built up so high the only person able to knock them down is Paige.  Paige has been through everything with me, she knows what I go through and is there to let me vent about how I'm worthless.  She is basically the only reason why I'm still here on this very planet.  If you couldn't tell already I have very low self esteem. I know I'm a hopeless waste of space.  Everyday I'm reminded that by my dreadful parents.  What I am to them is what I see my self as, worthless, stupid, ugly, fat and mostly unwanted.  There really is no hope for me anymore. First of all I have only one friend. Second no guy is going to want me; they want a girl who is really skinny or has curves like Kim Kardashian.  Why cant I be confident, beautiful, a size zero?  Its just wishful thinking really, never going to happen fairy tale.  My Prince Charming won't come to the rescue because he doesn't even exist.  No one and I repeat no one wants a suicidal girl who has hardly any joy in her life.  Shoot the only happiness I get is from watching One Direction videos, singing and playing guitar.  Meeting them and following my dreams to achieve a happy life is just a fantasy, it wont happen.  Its too good to be true.  I look over at my clock seeing its already 2:30, thinking really does take a lot out of you.  I feel my eyelids flutter shut and my dream world begins.



(A/N:  Hiya, this is my first fanfiction.  I apologize for any mistakes and the shortness of this chapter.  The chapters will get longer as the story progresses.  Let me know what you think.  comment, favorite, like! this story is also available on wattpad!*take_your_records*

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