fell for you

Julia and Jane were college student that lived in New York but moved to L.A. for modeling. while they are there they run into a few old friends and other things.


1. New Beginning


Julia's P.O.V

Me and Jane moved to L.A. for modeling but we will be finishing our school here too. "Aren't you excited to be here?!" Jane said looking at me. "of course i am. why wouldn't i be?" i said."i dont know its just because the whole ride here you were quiet." she said sarcastically. "sorry i was just thinking you know?" we then arrived at our house in Beverly Hills. we unpacked our clothes and a few furniture, because the house we moved in was fully furnished. 


When Jane and i were done we walked the HUGE house because we haven't seen it yet. After we were done admiring the house we sat on the couch. " what do you want to do now?'" i asked while looking over to the clock, it was only 3:00. she shrugged " i want to.... SLEEP!" she said. "why dont we go around L.A. and then maybe tomorrow we can go visit some old friends." i suggested. "ya that sounds great." we got ready and i wore distressed shorts, a cropped L.A. muscle tank from brandy, and a beige cardigan and my knock off Dr. Martins (looks better than it sounds) . Jane wore a nirvana shirt and distressed shorts and some boots.


"wow i didnt remember L.A. being this big or cool when we were little." Jane said. " me too. i guess when we were little we just never thought of looking around." we continued to walk on the walk of fame. we took some pictures for our new house and headed back to our car.

we got into the car and drove around not knowing were to go. "jane..' i said in a little whisper she ignored me and i got a little louder. "Jane.." "yes Julia?" i pretended not to hear her. "JANE!!!!!" i yelled really loud. "WHAT!" she yelled back at me. "i want to go shopping." i said to her comely. "why didnt you just ask?" she said a little annoyed. "it wouldnt be as fun" i told her with a smirk. "ok do you know any mall or place near here." "yes but it i want to go to Americana, but that is all the way in Glendale." i said as i pouted. "SCREW IT I WANT MACAROONS" Jane yelled. 


when we got to Americana we got macaroons and shopped till we dropped. "man i really missed this place" i said looking around. " ya me too" Jane said."well im going to get a smoothie want one?" i said standing up. "nah im fine, im going to go look inside the free people OK." she said as i walked away. i nodded and headed towards the little booth were they sell smoothies. before i got there i bumped into someone. "im so sorry" we both said at the same time. I looked up to see a gorgeous face. "hi im Justin" 

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