The new kid (Ziam fanfic)

This is about how a boy moves to a new school because he moved. Than he met a boy and than they become friends on the first day of school.


2. X factor


                                                              Liam POV:

   Hi my names Liam Payne. Hi i'm Zayn Malik. Would you like to be friends said Zayn? Sure said Liam. Awesome we will be such good friends said Zayn. Would you like to come over after school said Liam? Ya sounds fun said Zayn. 

                                         Now there home:

Hey lets go up stairs to my room said Liam. Okay said Zayn. ( Than they turned on the TV ) Hey look at the TV said Zayn ( They saw the Xfactor and it said that Auditions is Tomorrow ) We should audition for it said Liam. Ya we should said Zayn. Okay lets skip school for it said Liam. Okay said Zayn. 

                                         Now it's tomorrow and there at the audition:

Hey Zayn were after these guys. Okay said Zayn. Hey you guys i'm Zayn and i'm Liam. Whats your guys names? Hey i'm Niall and i'm Louis and i'm Harry. Oh cool were auditioning us to said Liam. I hope we win and get a record label that has always been my dream to become famous said Liam. Ours to. NEXT said Simon Cowell. Okay i'm next said Niall. Go Niall said Harry. ( Okay they all went now it's Liam turn ) Next i'm next said Liam. Okay go Liam said Zayn okay.Now it's your turn Zayn said Liam. Okay i'm gonna go said Zayn. 

                                     Now they find out if they win or not

We are gonna try you 5 in a group now you guys get out there and sing something said Simon Cowell. Okay sorry but you guys are number 3 but you guys are talented so anyways i'm gonna give you guys a record label anyways said Simon Cowell. ( They do a happy dance ) We got to go home and tell everyone that we got a record label said Liam.

                                   Now there home:

Everyone guess what We got a record label we gotta figure a band name out right now.

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