The new kid (Ziam fanfic)

This is about how a boy moves to a new school because he moved. Than he met a boy and than they become friends on the first day of school.


3. The band name


                                      Liam's POV:

  Okay. So what should our band name be said Liam. How about Niall and the potatoes Niall suggested. No said everyone. How about One Direction Harry suggested. Everyone agreed. So One Direction it is said Liam. Were is our first Music video going to be shoot said Niall. How about LA said Liam. Everyone agreed.

                                      Now there on the plane:

Now what song are we going to sing said Niall. How about What makes you beautiful said Zayn. I wrote the song along time ago. Everyone agreed and started practicing the song for the music video. So whose going to direct it said Liam. Already got someone to direct it said Louis. Who everyone said. My dad said Louis. 


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