being larrys daughter

*sequel to don't let me go* Eleanor Destiny Tomlinson is the daughter of Larry Stylinson. Although she loves her dads she wonders what her life would be like if her mum was still around. She gets bullied for her parents being gay. Life is hard for Eleanor, but she does everything she can to stop her dads from realising.


14. car crash

Louis P.O.V


Me, Missie and Harry sat in the car on our way to Nandos. Niall, Nixie (his wife), James, Keela, Antony, Greg and Denise were also coming. Today was the scan where Leah and Theo found out if they were having a boy or a girl. They were going to meet us all at Nandos and tell everyone the good news. They were about 6 months into the pregnancy. The whole world find out and suprisingly she got barely any hate. Theo and her are still together and they were going well as a couple. Thea was their ship name. Nobody really calls her eleanor anymore and i'm okay with that. Her names still officially Eleanor and thats all that matters.

"you excited to find out if you're having a niece or nephew?" i asked Missie and she nodded

"DAD LOOK OUT!" SHE YELLED. i looked forward to see a car coming towards us at high speed. I tried to swerve but it was too late. Blackness surrounded me and i felt myself giving up.


Leahs P.O.V


"I can't believe i'm going to have a son to play football with!" Theo said. I laughed. I was excited aswell. I've always wanted a son. My phone rang.

"hello" i said answering it

"Hello is this Eleanor Tomlinson" the man asked. i almost said no. It's been ages since i was called that

"umm yes, why?" i asked

"we are sorry to inform you that your father, Mr Styles and Missie Tomlinson have been involved in a car accident involving a drunk driver going at high speed. All 3 of them have been admitted to the emergency department at Kings Cross Hospital. If you would be able to make your way there immediatly." the man said. i listened in shock. Dad, Harry and Missie all in hospital

"o-o-ok" i replied and hung up

"Whats wrong ellie?" Theo asked

"we need to go to kings cross hospital. Dad, Harry and Missie have been in a car crash." I said and he nodded and started to drive there. Although i was now 16 i still couldn't drive. Theo being 18 was allowed of course. We pulled into the hospital and i ran as fast as i could. i got directed straight to their room. apparently Missie and Harry were in their rooms but dad was in theatre.

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