LEMME TELL YEAH (an o2l fanfiction) COMPLETED (slowly editing)

You always think the guy you love is the one you will stay with forever untill he brakes your heart but then suddenly you fall for him again and think to youself why am i a dumbass


10. Weirdest and most Amazing plane ride evah

*skipping the rest of the car ride and the airport crap*

When i get into the plane I run to first class ignoring the idiots behind me including the rest of my class every one of them are idiots its kinda weird cuz Connor Kian and i are the only students in first class im surrounded by celebrity's every fucking where and Kian and Connor totally embarrassed me  in front of all of them. 

*5 minutes ago*

I sit by the window of the plane Connor and Kian  are pushing each other out of the way to sit by me looking like total idiots Kian gets ahead of Connor and pushes him into my idol the one and only Ed Sheeran. Connor quickly gets up and helps ed while apologizing.Surprisingly  he isnt mad but just a little pissed Ed looks at me in the eyes and says.

"You might wanna put a leash on those little monkeys.Or the could seriously hurt someone." 

I swear i died right there and then there goes the reputation i don't freaking have.

*present time*

I mentally slap myself for not missing the plane on purpose Kian yawns and trys to put his arm around me. that cleshay little bitch. I grab his arm and twist it Giving him a death glare Kian screams in pain and i let him go sitting in my normal position. I grab my I phone and connect the earphones in so i could ignore the bitches including the celebs.YOU KNOW WHAT EVERYONE'S A BITCH TODAY IS OFFICIALLY NATIONAL BITCH DAY. Calm down lily.Just calm your ass down. I look down at my Music library and in celebration of my embarrassment because of Dip shit and Dick head over there i decide to listen to Ed.Who was unfortunately in front of me and saw the whole twisting Kian's arm scene.  

(a/n I got to see Austin Mahone Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran in concert in May they were all amazing.) 

The a team starts coming on and i quietly sing it to myself in the middle of the song someone tugs on my earphones i look up to see its ed.

"You have quite a beautiful voice would you like to sing some songs with me."Ed says.

My heart just skipped a beat.

"Like right here on this plane."I ask

"Yes love right here right now." he says grinning



"Psh ok." I say acting cool even though i was totally dying on the inside.

"Ok you pick a song and start it for us k love."ed says

OH HOT DAMNNN HE JUST CALLED ME LOVE AGAIN..calm yourself lils its okay

"Okay." I think for a moment but then got it and start singing.

*skipping that  and moving on.*

After we finished singing i felt amazing Kian and connor are just staring at me and turns back once more and says.

"If your interested in the singing business call this number."

HE hands me his card. i nod and he sits in his seat Connor and Kian have both of there mouths open. I stare at them and say.

"Close them you'll choke on flys." I go back listening to my music and fall asleep :)



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