LEMME TELL YEAH (an o2l fanfiction) COMPLETED (slowly editing)

You always think the guy you love is the one you will stay with forever untill he brakes your heart but then suddenly you fall for him again and think to youself why am i a dumbass


11. The hotel

Once we get two the hotel I run to my room locking Kian and Connor out there being fucking spazzes but the truth is I'm just redecorating it  so it looks presentable just in case Connor and Kian bring some slut home and trust me i bet they would.I Look around the room and see that theirs many doors i open all of them and see theirs two beds but in two different rooms so i put my bags in the biggest one like the selfish bitch i am i smile to myself and thing how is this a Class trip if there letting us do whatever we want and in different hotels yah know what whatever like i care. I take an apple and open the doors Connor And Kian almost trample me but then they finally realize this is a fancy hotel so they slow down and start looking in rooms and stuff. Connor lays his stuff in my room. and i quickly go in there.

"Connor this is my room."

"Kian wont share though." He pouts 

"Sleep on the couch."

"But i don't want to."He keeps whining he looks to cute.NO HE DON'T. YES HE DOES.okay he is cute i still ,like him i cant deny it anymore.

"Okay con da bon you can but stay on your side."

"Thank you pinkie"

"Your welcome."

"wow no slap on the face."that damn smirk 

"Dont push it."I warn

I go lay on my bed well Our bed and curl up oh how i wish Connor would just come and snuggle up next to me in cant keep this in longer i need him back in my life and soon i don't know if he wants me back but somehow i can tell it. He constantly looks at me and when ever he sees me his green eyes light up like a kid on Christmas day i just feel like i messed it up because i turned into a snooty girl but fuck that i can still dress nice and be nice im gonna do it just need to contain myself a little......

"Connor,"I blurt out "I need to talk to you."

he walks over to the bed and sits by me his face looks worried.

"Whats wrong." he asks

"i...i..Love you."

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HEHEHEHEHEHEH cliff hanger


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