LEMME TELL YEAH (an o2l fanfiction) COMPLETED (slowly editing)

You always think the guy you love is the one you will stay with forever untill he brakes your heart but then suddenly you fall for him again and think to youself why am i a dumbass


3. Senor Class trip?

"all senors Go to the auditorium now so we can Talk about the class trip in two days."the principle says on the loud speakers.
What but this is my last day here then graduation then prom then.....Oh god i forgot all about that I look around the school at the posters for prom queen candidates but one caught my eye

Vote Lily for prom queen   

What the hell i didn't sign up for this i didn't even plan on going but now i guess i have to. I  run into kian on my way to the auditorium and he flashes a smile and i look away shyly oh no could i have feelings for him.NO I CANT I HATE HIM AND HE HATES ME THE ONLY THING THAT WOULD BE WORSE IS SHARING A ROOM WITH HIM AND CONNOR. I walk into the auditorium and take my seat Paying attention to what the Principle is saying... 

*Ten minutes later*

"What this has to be a mistake i have to share a room with you two." i say pointing at Connor and Kian.

"No its not it says right here on this paper in fine print."Kian says flashing another smile.

"Oh it wont be that bad pinkie just think of it as the best two weeks of your life."Connor says sweetly.

I almost gag when Connor says pinkie.HE lost the right to call me that years ago. now im stuck in one hotel room with two Idiots.How did this happen I have no idea. do i wanna kill myself right now?Yes! do i have to motivation to?NO! My life just turned out to be a living sob story. The bell rings and the principle congratulates us all on our success. and that she will see us tomorrow at graduation. I take one more look into my locker and find a envelope  in it."How did  I miss this." I say to myself. I open it up and see me and Connor kissing in the rain....Tears hit my cheek that was the beginning of freshman year damn did time go fast I walk down the halls remembering when me and Connor first hit high school.


"are You ready Lily" He asked me looking at the high school unsurely

"Yup." i say as we walk up the steps he opens the door for me earning me many glares from girls.

Connor and i walk threw the halls of our high school for the first time i smile at him as i look down i see his hand grabbing mine.I guess he wanted to show everyone i was his girl and no one else. Kian walks by glaring at Connor mouthing not for long Franta .I pretended i didn't see it and he walked me to my locker.

"Love You Pinkie ill see you at lunch." he says to me

"Love you to Franta."I say 

*end of flash back.*

I get this weird feeling in my stomach when i think about him...NO LILY NO YOU DON'T YOU CANT FALL FOR ANY OF THEM. i scold myself in my head. I slam my locker door shut Now alone for no one else to look at me and i run threw the halls and out the door. I run  Into Kian again. GOD DAMNIT LILY 

"Hey." he says winking.

"Not in the mood." i say running away from him and to my car I unlock it and speed away.......          

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