Forget Forever

It was all perfect. I still remember staring out into the audience. Having those arms squeeze me. The huge jewel that shone on my finger, just like I used to.
People say to take a moment, breath it in. Remember it all. Because it's so good that you want to keep it, cherish it. Maybe if I had done that. Just maybe. Things would be different. Because now all I see. All I know is only one.
Jason McCann.
And I'm learning to

Forget Forever


2. Purpose

One month. That's all it was. One month of being happily engaged. It was hard but I could still remember how his eyes met mine, how our bodies moved against each others. What happened I didn't see coming. If never imagined being kidnapped and trapped in living hell. Raped, abused, it was fucking horrid. I couldn't remember the last time I breathed in the smell of clean, fresh air. I didn't even know how long I had been here for. 

7 months. 7 fucking months. 7 months of balling, screaming, killing myself mentally because I had no idea where she was. They looked, the police looked but nothing. Nothing at all. They had to give up. Was she even still alive? That question ate me inside out, every day. I'm Justin. The " Justin Bieber" . Rich. Famous. Engaged. I pulled at my hair. I missed her. Her touch. Her kiss. Her voice. Everyone knew how much it was killing me. But they never fully understood. They can't help, whatever they say it won't do anything. 

Footsteps pounded up the stairs. My breath got heavier and un even. My heart was gonna explode through my chest. I tried calming myself. Failing terribly. What would it be like today. I didn't even have an clothes on, from last nights horrid session. The door opens and I peek up to see Jason with a cigarette hanging outta his mouth. He stares at me. I can't tell if it's hatred, anger, or awe of the sight of me. He keeps telling me I'm here for a purpose. 

What kinda fucking purpose? 

** A/N** Sorry it's short! I'll try to update again! Thanks for the favourites and likes so far! <3

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