Forget Forever

It was all perfect. I still remember staring out into the audience. Having those arms squeeze me. The huge jewel that shone on my finger, just like I used to.
People say to take a moment, breath it in. Remember it all. Because it's so good that you want to keep it, cherish it. Maybe if I had done that. Just maybe. Things would be different. Because now all I see. All I know is only one.
Jason McCann.
And I'm learning to

Forget Forever


6. Don't Touch me

Jason gave his hair a shake and stepped closer to me, I backed up. He stepped closer until I was back against the wall. His hand was about to touch my hip. 

" Don't touch me!" I spat. 

I wasn't sure where the bravery and confidence came from. All I knew was he wouldn't and couldn't hurt me. If he did Justin wouldn't give him the money he apparently owed Jason? 

" Excuse me?" He snapped. 

His eyes turned dark and I knew I pissed him off. I couldn't care. At all. 

I stepped forward a bit, making Jason step back. 

" You heard me!" I sneered. 

" Heard, not listening!" He yelled. 

" Oh you better listen!" I yelled back. 

I had never yelled at him, not stood up for myself, it felt good, relieving. 

" Or what?! I won't hesitate to hurt you baby." He smirked. 

" You wouldn't and couldn't." I smirked right back at him. 

He ran his hands through his hair in frustration. I stepped aside him. 

" Fucking sucks doesn't it?" I yelled. 

Then I flipped my hair, still shocked at what I was saying and doing. 

" You whore. " I spat. 

I couldn't sleep all night. I tossed and turned, I felt hot and sweaty. Then I felt cold and dry. Eventually I must've fallen asleep because Jason wasn't beside me and I heard voices. I slowly pulled myself out of bed and creep to the doorway. I creaked it open enough so I could listen. 

" Where is Hannah?" I heard a voice yell. Wait that voice. I knew it, it was Justin. 

I heard a chuckle, " Well she's upstairs, but you know after last night, I'm not sure she can walk." I could almost imagine the smirk planted on his face. 

Is he trying to piss Justin off? 

I grasped the door handle, with my shaky hand before slowly letting go and making my way down the stairs. 
I didn't and couldn't bear to look at Justin. I finally got to the bottom step and could feel Justin's and Jason's eyes glued on me. I tensed up as Jason slung his arm around my shoulders. 

I felt hot breath on my neck. " Hey baby." The voice whispered in my ear. I shivered, wondering if his voice would always have that effect on me. No matter what. 

" Let Hannah go." Justin growled. 

"Give me the money." Jason yelled. 

" I don't owe you any fucking money!" Justin spat. 

" Yes you do! You've always been this stuck-up bastard, never listened, never obeyed. I feel Hannah has a right to know the truth about her so called lover boy." Jason was mad, but I could tell everything he said brought him pride and joy. 

Justin on the other hand was furious, " Jason you better shut your mouth!" 

" What if I don't? You gonna give me the money? Am I gonna keep Hannah?" Jason smirked at Justin. 

" Hannah come here." Justin said, his voice a little calmer now. 

I felt lips on my cheek and felt disgusted knowing it was Jason. 

" Shes all mine." He whispered. 

Then a cool sensation touched just under my chin, it pressed in and I felt like screaming. 

" Jason put the fucking knife down!" Justin was definitely screaming now. 

But all that happened was he pushed it in further and I bit down on my teeth hard and tried to hide in the pain. 

I heard a loud bang and screamed immediately, then I heard the sound of somebody stumbling to the floor. 

** A/N** I am so sorry for the wait I had writers block and then I was setting up my cousins wedding. I'll have an update soon I think :)

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