First love in Heaven

Love is something of beauty, grace and elegance. It is something in a league out of this world, and it is made in heaven. Alicia has never felt love, she has never been loved. But when she came to the USA to Chicago she met this ordinary boy and they became best friends. He is a punk, skater boy and she is a girl who is a model and does ballet. They are even next-door neighbours and they enjoy every moment together. But after a while they got even closer in to their relationship and felt love for each other, and this is where the rest of the story lies. This is the sequel to the Straight-Edge Boy with the Pepsi Tattoo. Note: Contains some intense scenes, nothing obscure or inappropriate.


4. The Battle

I glance out from the window, I watch the rain pouring down excessively. Mr.Watkins is boring me to death with how dumb we are. I am in top set but I am in the red group which means I could be moved down, but I don't care. Maths is just problem solving and I find it so hard! The numbers go all strangely, and the decimal points aren't even visible, and I can't count zeros to save my life and it goes on and on and on. I hate the last lesson of a Wednesday, it is terrible. I wish we could have our old timetable from seventh grade, it was so much easier and more fun! 

My eyes are now solely fixed on the clock, staring at the second hand which seems to be almost motionless. I start to sweat as my forehead feels as though it could easily burst into oblivion. My head aches and my eyes are strained by staring into space for so long. It is one minute left 'til we can go, but I have a detention after school by Mr. Watkins for getting 0/6 on my homework. That night I was bogged down with things and I had to do it at 2 in the morning. 

Everybody rises from their desks and runs out of the door, only I am left sinking in to my chair as my head hits the table. 

"Don't you think I have better things to do than this?" he says in his harsh Scottish accent.

"Yes sir, I know."

"So explain why you aren't living up to your expectations missy?"

"Um..." I am lost for words.

"Um what?! Tell me why you are doing so badly! Nobody else got that bad," he groans.

"I didn't get it," I mumble.

"What?! I can't hear you! Speak up girl!" he shouts as he comes closer to my face.

"I didn't understand," I stammer in shock.

"DIDN'T UNDERSTAND?! Didn't understand? Well then..." he cries.

My pulse beat gets quicker and my throat becomes dry. It is impossible for me to even take away my focus from him as his face is inches away from mine.

"Well. Alicia. I shouldn't be so harsh on you. It's not your fault you are so bloody dumb. Not everyone can have a brain..." he laughs.

My head is steaming, my mind is raging, my fists are clenched and my temperature is high. My eyes glare into the coldness of his faded out, dull, grey eyes. 

"How dare you..." I coldly whisper.

He stands up and circles me. Round and round he slowly plods around my desk. 

"You know what? I haven't got time for bloody nuisances such as you. I bet... I bet... behind that dark hair you are a dumb blonde," he spits at me.

I rise from my chair and grab at his tie, choking him. How dare he insult blondies! How dare he abuse me! One of my best friends Vanessa is blonde and she is in top set too.

He smiles with his eyes and coughs "I am moving you down a set sweetheart. You can tell the world what a useless piece of trash you are." He breaks my hold and leaves me all alone.


I pack my bag and I leave the building, my hands on my head and my heart in my mouth. The rain straightens my hair as I begin to look like a drowned rat, I certainly feel like I am one of them anyway. The thunder rattles and the rain pours even harder, so I keep my head down and stop walking slowly. Suddenly, I hear a bolt of lightning strike at the school grounds and I see a body lying there. The body rises and stands, there are three bodies on the floor around him. 

His hands, face, everything is bloody. He has cuts and bruises and open wounds to cover almost every inch of his skin. His hair is red and his scalp is cut open as blood pours out uncontrollably. He stands there defiant but torn up from the war he seems to have just faced. He looks my way and he squints his eyes, I sprint to see who it is and if they are ok. 

But first I see the three bodies on the floor, they aren't bleeding but they seem to be knocked out. I look up and there he is. Typical. He collapses to the floor and I catch him, I kneel on the wet ground and put his head on my lap. 

"HELP!" I scream in terror and panic. "HELP! HELP!" "This is an emergency! SOMEBODY HELP!!" I scream.

I look through my bag and find some clean cloths and I nurse his wounds with them. 

"Ow!" he gasps but then he surrenders to my healing hands. 

I start crying and I stroke his head, I kiss his lips and he closes his eyes. 

A teacher comes charging along with the ambulance behind her and he is carried off. I beg to come, but I am turned away at the doors of the vehicle and I plod along home in a traumatised state. I watch the ambulance drive away into the mist and the noise of the siren echoes in my head.

I come home and dump my bad by the foot of the stairs. I see blood on my hands, his blood. I wonder how he could've been hurt this badly, if only I knew the culprit and I had been there to prevent it. The noises still float around in my head, his cries of pain. The tear drops from the sky that were falling, my own tears have left me with swollen eyes. I sit and sob and wish I had someone to comfort me. He was the only one, I can't now bury my head in his chest because he is in hospital. The reality dawns in on me and I am left inconsolable.

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