First love in Heaven

Love is something of beauty, grace and elegance. It is something in a league out of this world, and it is made in heaven. Alicia has never felt love, she has never been loved. But when she came to the USA to Chicago she met this ordinary boy and they became best friends. He is a punk, skater boy and she is a girl who is a model and does ballet. They are even next-door neighbours and they enjoy every moment together. But after a while they got even closer in to their relationship and felt love for each other, and this is where the rest of the story lies. This is the sequel to the Straight-Edge Boy with the Pepsi Tattoo. Note: Contains some intense scenes, nothing obscure or inappropriate.


1. Surprise!

Today is Saturday and we are in Autumn season, September. I remember that we finished ninth grade in a spectacular way. It was a whole fairy tale in just one day, the last day. That day, if I can even remember was miserable and then magical.

At the start of the day I thought I had lost my best friend and my other friend, but they were just talking. I felt ignored at the way they responded to me and I cried through registration. I even got told off by miss for not going to registration, so I lied saying I was on my phone the whole time and forgot, she believed me. That lunch my friend apologised to me and we stayed friends, but my best friend shocked me the most. As soon as my friend had gone elsewhere and I was there alone, he grabbed me behind a shed and stared into his deep eyes. I felt petrified that something disastrous was going to happen and I screamed at him. He told me to whisper because he wanted to ask me something in private. I told him to answer my questions first before it all and he did. It was fair his answers and I believed him, but then a I discovered something hugely shocking. He had gotten a tattoo of the Pepsi logo on his arm (near to the shoulder) and he got it the day before. I was shocked and he was guilty, but secretly I loved it and I told him so. He hugged me and I felt him crying inside, I was speechless. He then told me a big secret that he had found ever since he met me..... and that was that he loves me. I knew that I love him too and he asked me to be his best friend and girl friend. I think that actions speak louder than words so I didn't tell him that I loved him in words, I told him that I loved him back by kissing him. He kissed me as well and it was passionate, I felt something like I had never felt before.  My heart was complete but my mind was spinning, especially having to take everything on board. People started to try and find out about our relationship status and there was a lot of drama involved so I told him that I would tell them all, but as a surprise. So at the lunchtime concert I was the last act and I sang 'You Belong with Me' by Taylor Swift and near the end of the song I made my way through the crowd to find him. I put his hands in mine and sang the last line ''You belong with me.'' He rose and stood by me close, but I got the microphone and told everyone that he belonged with me and he said the same about me too. But then when everyone was watching, we together gently kissed and all could see. They went ''Awww'' or whistled madly, either way we spelt it out that we were together. Ever since then people have been giving us some grief, but the truth was out and people just has to accept it. We are still best friends and have a lot of quality time together. It is just perfect.

But right now I am sitting in my living room watching tv, there isn't much on really. I am a bit bored to be honest and I lay down on the couch to then hear the doorbell ring. I am in a night vest and mini shorts so I panic a bit, but I decide to just open the door anyway. It is the courier. Apparently there is a parcel for me and I just have to sign in a gap. I do that and take the parcel, it is large and quite heavy so I be careful not to drop it. I run with it to the kitchen and put it on the table. The door is still open, but somebody else is knocking on it so I answer. I can't see anybody, so I assume it is just a prank by a troublemaker and I slam the door.

I wonder what is in the parcel? Who is it from? Why would they send it? The suspense is too much to bear and I cautiously open the box. It is a whole garden of scarlet red roses in a magnificent mosaic vase made of mirrors. There is a note at the top which says Alicia on it. I pick it up and it reads...

I hope you like the flowers, I chose them specially for you.

They reminded me of something beautiful, something beautiful like you.

The mirrors at the bottom are to remind you of how amazing you are.

Look in them and you'll see what I see, countless shooting stars.

I have something to say and my message isn't far, look in your garden and you'll see something shooting past.

"Awwww! That's so sweet!" I say full of joy, I rush to the garden to see who is this boy? An aeroplane comes swooping past, and I catch it in the garden while it will last. I open it up as it says "Just for you" and I read the message, here is the clue...

Dear Darling,

First of all, please excuse my writing. I can't stop my hands from shaking, as I feel like this is the time to ask you and I am nervous. I thought I would start with what you mean to me, I couldn't possibly describe how special it is in words, forgive me.

You are one in infinity and no one compares.

Your everything I've ever wanted, except you're better.

When you smile, the whole world gazes in awe at you.

Catch me I'm fainting, you're too good to be true.

Your hair, your eyes, your face, your whole self, it is priceless and just looking at you I gain wealth.

Funny, kind, intelligent, smart, sporty, musically gifted, treasure in art.

l am the most blessed guy and I will always treasure us two.

My wishes, thoughts and dreams have come true, because I have finally found you.

You came from heaven and touched my heart, so I was thinking a first date is where we should start.

Come with me and we will have the best time ever, if so then I will come to you at 6:30pm to go on our night together. Reply to me, asap. Just send a reply to my garden... it is free!

I love you and I wanted to express myself with this plane to you going high in the sky. On that note I shall now say goodbye.

Love you,

              Phil x

I can't believe he wrote something like that to me! I am pleasantly surprised and I get some paper, to write my reply. An aeroplane it is folded into and it goes sailing high over the fence into the garden. I hope he will get it in time.




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