Georgia Boy

Aaryan is a just your normal high school senior with her two best friends Sam and Nick. When Aaryan gets involved with the poplar high school jock, thing happen that Aaryan never thought would happen to her. But along her Jounry she get a pen pal. As she learns more about her Pen Pal, feelings come that she never thought would.


2. Are You Kidding Me


As i walked into engish, my first class of the day, i saw that the only open seat was in the back next to.... you have got to be shitting to Jason who was sitting next to Luke. God just shoot me now.

" Well Luke, look who it is. Its are locker buddy Aaryan." he said as i sat down

" and look, its the one boy i may end up punching by the end of the day" i shot back

" oh really. Whys that babe" he asked

" because you annoy me. and don't call me babe im not a pig" i said trying to pat attention to what the teacher was saying

" oh im annoying am i" he asked

" Yes! Now if you please shut the hell up, i would greatly appericate it" i said

" why, don't you want to talk to me" he asked taking my paper off my desk

" no im trying to actually pay attention to what the teacher is saying. Now give me my paper back" i said reaching for my paper

" sure babe, only if you agree to sit with me at lunch" he said moving the paper farther away from me

" no! now give me my paper back and stop calling me babe. im not a pig" i said reaching for my paper again

" only if you agree to sit with me at lunch" he said

" NO! now give me my paper back" i said while lunging for my paper

" it there a problem Mr.Brown and Ms. O'Mally" the teacher asked

" no, no problem up here ma'am" Jason said

" well then if you two would lease pay attention" she said going back into what she was talking about before

" see look! give me my damn paper back please" i said giving him my puppy dog face. My puppy dog face always works on Sam and Nick and the guys at my work.

" ugh! i guess only if you promise to sit with me at lunch" he said

" Fine!" i said grabbing my paper

" now see was that so hard" he asked

" yes" i said " now leave me alone"

THrewout class all Jason did was was talk to Luke and throw things at the other kids. As soon as the bell rang, I shot out of my seat and was out of the class room like a bat out of hell. As the next four periods went on i did what i had to do without a problem. Then lunch came around

" hey boys" i said to Sam and Nick who where waiting for me at my locker

" hey ry, how was class" nick asked

" wel period 2-4 where okay i guess, but 1st period was something else" i said shuting my locker and walking tords the lunch room

" why what happened" Sam asked

" i have first period with Jason and Luke, and Jason stole my paper and the only way he would give it back was if i promised him i would sit with him at lunch" i said walking into the lunch room " but looks like her for got. THank god" Looking tords Jason's table there was not one open seat

" looks like you spoke to soom" Sam said

" what" i said

" look" he said

sur enough, there was Jason making the person sitting next to him move. he then pointed over to me and pointed to the seat next to him

" maybe if we ingore him he won't bother us" i said getting into the lunch line

" eh i don't think so ry" Nick said

" hey babe" Jason said

" wat did i say about calling me that! Im not no damn pig" i said

" fine, hey babydoll. Don't forget about sitting with me at lunch" he said

" well you see" i said paying for my lunch " i forgot that i said i would sit with my friends here" i said pointing to Sam and Nick

" no its okay ry" Nick said " you can sit with Jason well be fine"

" see they said its okay" Jason said grabbing me by the hand and pulling me tords his lunch table. I tunred and shot death glares tords Sam and Nick who looked like they were about to die of laughter

"Guys this is Aaryan. Aaryan these are the guys" Jason said as he sat down

" hi ya'll" i said as i sat down

Everyine said hi and introduced them selfs. As i ate lunch me and Jason talked and goofed off. I have to admit, he was pretty fun to be around. But don't let him know i said that.

Once lunch was over i had a 6th period, which was my free period, so i opted to take a class where we got a pen pal. As i logged onto the coumptera gril form Jason table sat next to me.

" hey! its Aaryan right" she asked

" yeah. im sorry but i don't remember your name" i said

" thats okay, ITs Lily" she said

" oh thats a pretty name" i said

" thanks. So are you here for the pen pal class" she asked

" yeah are you"

" yeah, i've got nothing better to do" she said

" haha, same here"

Once i got to the website and logged in and did what i had to do, a message poped up

       * You have 1 new message from:

                                                            Gerogia Boy*


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