The date is September 22, 2020. All the boys are married, except Harry. Liam and an adorably sweet girl named Elizabeth have been married for three years and have a two year old girl named Daisy. Niall married a brilliant girl named Kate two years ago and have a little one year old boy named Connor. Zayn and Perrie have been married 6 years and have a five year old boy named Emmett and a two year old girl named Mimi. Louis got married 5 years ago to a hilarious girl named Sara and has a five year old girl named Tamma, a three year old boy named Christian, and a one year old girl named Sky. Now Harry, he still hadn't found his perfect girl. He was starting to believe he never would. He has a six month old daughter named Darcy. Who's mom left her on his door step and moved to god knows where. One Direction is over, though they still have a concert once a year on their anniversary. They are still best friends, brothers. Always there for each other. And right now, Louis needs them.


1. Oh How Wrong I Was

Harry's Prospective:


It was a normal Tuesday. I had just laid Darcy down for her nap. The baby monitor was in my hand as I sat down on the couch. I was as tired and was ready for some much needed relaxation when my phone went off.

"Why!" I groaned and looked at my color ID, Sara. I had given my phone a confused look before answering the call. "Ello Sara. What's up?" I said.

I remember clearly hearing her sniffle like she'd been crying. I also remember the words she was saying sounded almost scripted like she had practiced them before saying them. "Harry, Lou's sick. We don't know whats wrong quiet yet, but... is there anyway you could make it to the London Bridge Hospital?" she said voice filled with tears.

"Of course Sara." I said.

"I need to call the rest of the boys now Harry, I'll see you soon." she said before she hung up.

I had quickly put Darcy into her car seat and started driving to the hospital. I lived the farthest away from the hospital, so by the time I got there all the boys and their families were there. The kids in the corner of the waiting room playing with the toys there. I held my baby girl closer to me.

Back then I had always felt uncomfortable around the boys with all their families. Made me feel lonely I guess. I especially didn't like being around Louis's family. Back then I didn't know why. I remember walking up to Sara and faking a smile, why I always had to fake around her I hadn't understood either.

"Thank god your here Harry." she said and gave me a awkward hug, since I was holding Darcy.

"What happened?" I had asked.

"I don't know. He was just playing with the kids when he started coughing. After 15 minutes and it still wasn't stopping I insisted we go to the hospital. Once we got here they took him and I haven't hard anything." she said as she wrong her hands.

"I'm sure everything will be fine Sara." I said giving her a small smile. Oh how naive I was. Oh how wrong I was.

"Thanks Harry." she said and returned the smile.

"Mrs. Tomlinson?" I remember looking up at see a Doctor standing in front of us.

"Yes?" Sara had said looking at him.

"I think you should have a seat. All of you." he has said, adding that last part when he noticed all eyes on him.

All 8 of us sat down in the chairs and stared at the doctor before us. "My name is Dr. Kent. I've been the one examining Mr. Tomlinson. We have run multiple tests and have conclude that he has..." He took a deep breath before he had continued, "He has a form of lung cancer, called small cell lung cancer. It is the rarer of the two forms and, to be honest, the more deadly of the two. I am terribly sorry, but I think you should know the truth. There is not much we can do. Those I promise you all I will do everything in my power to help him."

"G-god." Sara said through a shaky breath. Sara had never been an emotional person, so when she broke out into sobs... well it was a big deal back then. I'd sadly get used to seeing her that way though. "God no." she sobbed.

I remember putting my arm around her and holding her close to me. The rest of the boy and their wives had been all broken down.

"Thank you for your honesty doctor." I said.

He had nodded and said, "You may go up and see him whenever you please. He has already been told."

"Thank you again." I said. With that he had walked away. "You should go see him, Sara." I whispered to her.

"You're right." she said through her tears. She shakily got to her feet and walked to her children. The rest of the boys quickly gathered their children before a nurse showed us the way to his room. A way I would soon have memorized.

The door opened and we all walked in. Sara took the seat next to him. She held his hand and and kissed him. Their youngest, Sky, sat on her mother's lap while Christian and Tamma sat at the foot of his hospital bed.

The remember the day turning to night as the rest of the boys and their wives were cried. I remember everyone talking to him and hugging him. I remember standing in the corner of the room, not saying a word. Not letting a single tear slip down my face. The only time I even had the slightest bit of communication with Louis that day was a small smile from him when our eyes locked for only a moment.

I remember leaving the room without a word and driving back to my flat. I remember putting Darcy into her crib and kissing her forehead goodnight. I remember laying in my bed, still fully clothed. Then, and only then, did I let the tears flow.

It started small. One tear falling down my cheek. Then another followed, then another, and an another.  Sobs wracked my body and soon I could barley breath, and when I did take in a breath it was shaky and all I could taste were tears. I don't remember at what point I broke. But at whatever moment it was that night, I started to pry. I began to beg and plead god to let him live. Saying I'd give anything to see my friend live his life. That night I thought that no one was listening to my pleads. Oh how wrong I was.



Hello guys! Thank you for reading this first chapter! I must say right now this was an idea given to my by one of my best friends, Paige. This story is going to be very emotional... At lest that's what I'm going for. Please tell me what you think and if you like it or not! Please like, favorite, and comment. It would mean the world to me! Thanks again!

Xx Rebecca

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