Every Little Things Starts With You (Niall)

A 18 year old girls named Amber has the worst life any one could ever think of having.On her 19 birthday her mother and fater go to get her a gift,little does she know her parents get into a car accident and were pronounced dead at the sceen.will she run into her long lost cousin at their grave cite and fall in love with one of his friends or will she be destined to be alone?


3. sorry not a chapter

For those of you who don't live in America, I know its not september 11 but on september 11 of 2001 the WTC World Trade Center was hit by air planes and another one crashed into the pentagon and another in the pennsilvania field and over 2,000 people lost their lives one of which was my moms friend it was a tragic moment and many people lost their loved ones the person in charge of the terrorist attack was Osama ben'laden and he was shot and killed in 2010 (IN MEMORY OF ALL WHO LOST THEIR LIVES DURING 2001 AND THOSE WHO DIED GOING TO WAR TO PROTECT OUR COUNTRY) if you want to learn more then listen to a song called have you forgotten or go on youtube and look op world trade center attack and it will show up with a bunch of documents and videos of it i know i was only 8 months old when it happend but i still know that no matter how hard we try no one will forget that day GOD BLESS ALL AMERICAN SOLDIERS

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