Every Little Things Starts With You (Niall)

A 18 year old girls named Amber has the worst life any one could ever think of having.On her 19 birthday her mother and fater go to get her a gift,little does she know her parents get into a car accident and were pronounced dead at the sceen.will she run into her long lost cousin at their grave cite and fall in love with one of his friends or will she be destined to be alone?


1. it all starts here.

 BEEP BEEP BEEP I awake to my anoying alarm clock.Ugggggg stupid school why do you have to exsist.I crawl out of my bed trying my best to keep my self up.KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK I hear at my door come in? I asked impatiently trying to get ready for school. When the door opend and my mom and dad walked in with a birthday cake i thought to myself i totally forgot it was my 19 birthday mission get back to bed. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweety they yelld practically busting a ear drum.Oh yeah sorry I forgot to introduse myself. My name is Amber Thomas im a 19 year old girl with blonde hair that is dip dyed pink, and worst of all im short

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