Little Things

* Marcel Fanfic *
Marcel doesn't get why this girl in school likes him. She is way to beautiful for him, at least that's what he thinks. He thinks he just a nerd!


6. I know who you are.

Nobody's Pov


'Should I tell him that I know? I have to tell him sometime, tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.' I rolled around in my bed, cutting off my thoughts.


I grabbed my phone from my nightstand, the bright light blinded me. It was a text from Marcel. 'Why have you been ignoring me lately? Did I do something wrong?' I ignored the text. I wanted to wait until tomorrow and talk in person.


 I looked down at my Ed Sheeran tee and sweat pants, eh. I'm staying home anyway. And I feel like crap. I can't believe Marcel- or should i say Harry- would do that. He acts so innocent in school but in my eyes he's not anymore. Without anything to do, I got up out of bed and brushed my teeth lazily. Then, I made my way to the kitchen and started to heat up some water for peppermint tea. Mmm, my favorite. Before I put the tea bag in my mug, a loud pounding came from my front door.


"Who the hell would come to my house this early in the morning..?" I whispered to myself. I really wish I had a peephole or something. I rushed to the door and slowly opened it. A brown mop of slicked back curls and bright green eyes stood before me. 'He looked good...woah, what?' "Jess, I was getting worried. You didn't answer my texts." Harry said. He had his hands in his jean pockets, it was rather cold outside. "I can't- I have to- I have to go-" I rushed, and slammed the door in his face.


I was mad, REALLY mad and I couldn't just stand there and watch him act all innocent. I wanted to punch him and I would have if I didn't close the door. I made my way back into the kitchen and finished making my tea, it was cold by now and Harry showing up ruined my day. I dumped my tea in the sink and placed the mug on the counter. Great way to start my day.

I jumped in my bed, I did my best to fight back the guilt. Tears were threatening to spill, no, I will not cry.

Harry's Pov:

Okay, it's 11 at night. I think it's time to leave the note. I taped the note to Jess's door, my tired legs carried me back home.

Jess's Pov:

I woke up the next morning, and started getting ready for school. I slipped on my high-waisted, navy blue and white striped skinny jeans. I tucked a flowy white t-shirt inside. I brushed my pink and blonde hair.

I found a note taped to my door:

Dear Jess,

I don't know why you have been avoiding me, but I love you.



I read it over and over.

~skip school~

Me and Harry met at Starbucks, okay this is it. I got in line and ordered my peppermint hot chocolate. 'Marcel' brought his drink over. "Harry" His eyes widened, "I know who you are." No words came out of his mouth. "Your also dating Taylor" I looked up, "I liked you." A tear slipped out of his eye. "I'm sorry for not telling you, I mean I need education." He looked me straight in the eye, "And Taylor.. She was way too bossy, mean, and nosy. We were never a real couple in my eyes, and yesterday I broke up with her." I got up, then and there and kissed him.

-HarryStylesWife1021 and her half sister

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